GUI crashes / restarts when accessing JPEGs from a specific camera
I'm experiencing an awkward problem when trying to show pictures in JPEG format from one specific camera: Lumix DMC-LX5. When I access a folder on a Samba share where JPEGs from this specific camera are stored, Kodi apparently starts reading EXIF information (a loading dialog box appears). However, when I try to open any picture, the GUI (I'm using Confluence skin but the problem is not skin dependent) crashes and restarts taking me to the home screen. This happens every time. I haven't noticed any problems with pictures from other cameras. AVCHD videos from the DMC-LX5 can be played just fine. My Kodi running on Raspberry Pi2 is up-to-date.
I'm attaching the link to a random picture that is affected by this bug below in case anyone wants to test. Cheers.

Test JPEG - Kodi GUI crash
Nice tent, must be hard to put up. There's a bug ATM (There's ticket open somewhere for it) that crashes the system when reading very large folders, I'm wondering if you've run into this and not just a jpeg problem. Can you place one of the 'suspect' images locally and see if it loads? This would have the effect of determining if the file compression is at fault, networking suspect, or are we dealing with the known bug.

A tool like 'Mediainfo' would give a better comparison to different images an perhaps leave a clue. The only suggestion at this point would be some sort of batch process of conversion, and wouldn't be my or your first choice.
If Kodi v16+, known issue that will never be fixed.
MrMC Forums :
Thanks folks. This is Kodi 16.1 but I don't believe the problem is related to large folders. I created a test folder with just one culprit picture and the GUI still crashes after I try to open it. I will give it a try with Mediainfo when I return from vacation.
If you're looking into this with depth, you might as well turn on debugging in settings/system, try to look at these infernal images and upload a proper debug log to a public paste-bin and link the URL back to this thread. Might be time to make your move to Krypton B1 so any real discoveries get to those who can code, if this is not some anomaly.
I have a very similar problem. It seems mediainfo is only for audio and video files, am I right?
Here is the log file:

The picture info is

Camera make : SONY

Camera model : DSC-W510

Date/Time :2012/05/13 16:51:13

Resolution : 4000 x 3000

Flash used : No

Focal length : 5.6mm (35mm equivalent 31mm)

Exposure time : 0.0020 s (1/500)

Aperture : f/3.0

ISO equiv. : 80

Whitebalance : Auto

Metering Mode : multi spot

Exposure : program (auto)
Just to add more info, I can reproduce the problem by opening the affected photos directly from the kodi file manager and navigating to the folder containing the photo. When I do this, the crash happens when pressing enter to preview the picture.

I know there's not much value in that, but all affected photos are opened in windows just fine. I cannot see any visual corruption in the image in windows.

Do you know a place I could post a few affected photos for other users to test?
Ok, so I found the following site where I was able to upload my files (no affiliation).

All of them produced the error.

FYI: I'm running Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 3.
if it is a Kodi buffer problem using large folders, this could be a work around

each camera adds a lot of info to the exif parts of a picture, so find out which parts you do not need
eg. a lot of thumbnails, color spaces etc

then use exiftool to remove all those garbage parts of the exif container

most of the time Kodi will work then!
Thanks for the pointer. I will try exiftool.

But as I said in my previous post, I was able to generate the error by opening the jpeg in Kodi file manager also. The jpeg was in a folder with about only 10 photos. And using this method, the crash happens when opening the file instead of when entering the folder. That's what led me to think that the file manager does not generate the thumbnail for every photo in a folder.

Could someone confirm that?

I found another camera that have the same behavior: kodi crash upon opening the image.

Here is a photo with the issue:

EDIT: My error, this photo is viewed fine finally...
Post a Debug log (wiki).
Are you still using Kodi 16.1?

Have you already tried it with a newer version of Kodi? Maybe it already got fixed.
Yes still on 16.1. I'm a bit nervous about the upgrade...

Will post the debug log.
It is very, very, very unlikely that 16.1 will be updated to fix your bug. It's best to try the latest 17 to see whether it has been fixed.
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