GUI crashes / restarts when accessing JPEGs from a specific camera
Hello, if it can help, here is my debug log:

Also, I'm running Kodi on a raspberry pi 3 with xbian...

Thanks anyway.
I downloaded dsc00168, dsc00198 and p2180004 on my USB HDD, connected with Pi 2B and Kodi 16.
Perfect viewing, no crashing or other issues.
Problem is not related with camera type, but possibly with internal network.
See if popcornmix last comment helps you, he writes that if one jpeg is corrupt, it could crash kodi, and it seems to be exclusive to kodi 16, but try and move the file as he suggest, or consider upgrading or not Big Grin just make a backup of your current kodi

Thank you
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I experienced exactly the same issue - Kodi just crashed and restarted when attempting to open particular picture files. I recently found out that the crash was caused by large preview images embedded in the picture file. After removing the preview images with exiftool, kodi could open the files without crashing anymore.

For a more detailed answer, please refer to my post in the thread I opened about a year ago on that issue:

2586729 (post)

I used the following exiftool command to remove the preview image:
exiftool -overwrite_original -r -MPF:All= -Trailer:All= <filename or foldername>

I tried it with one of the images provided above (dsc00198.jpg). Kodi crashed on that image before - no crash after removing the preview image.
(Though it worked in my case, nevertheless you might wanna backup your files before editing them, just in case...)

Hope this is helpful to you.

I have the same case - no images taken with newer cameras can not be shown. Old Nikon D50 images are ok, Sony RX100markII images fail. Behaviour is following;
Open folder - some image thumbnails are shown, thumbnail display is SLOW. Extremly slow. trying to open an image causes Kodi to be restarted.
Iõm running it on Wetek box, OpenElec, Kodi 16 and Kodi 17 both have had the same behaviour.
I'll try to remove thumbnails from images - let's see what happens..

Update from my side - stripped the thumbnails. Kodi 17 still crashes....
Please share a sample picture because mine runs fine
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Hello everybody!

I have the same issue. Since Version 16 Kodi crashes by viewing Pictures from an Debian Linux server connected through an NFS share. With Kodi 15 there where no problems. Nothing was changed since the migration to a newer Version. Currently I use version 17 with OpenELEC (8.0.3 and 8.0.4) on a Wetek Play and two RaspberryPi. On all systems the same problem. If I want to view some Pictures, I try to browse a directory. A few thumbnails are displayed. The thumbnails are extremely slow. After a few seconds, the GUI freezes and a few more seconds later, Kodi restarts. But only Kodi not OpenELEC. The most pictures are taken with a Canon EOS 650D, a Panasonic DMC-LX2 and some Samsung smartphones. This bug is very bad, because one Kodi-Installation is only used for viewing pictures. Since the migration, Kodi is no longer usable. I hope the bug will be fixed soon.

Many thanks to all

(2017-05-30, 21:32)Martijn Wrote: Please share a sample picture because mine runs fine
We need samples. I mean the photos that make your Kodi box go *boom*.
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Check the debugging in settings/system. And also i heard lots of issue about 16.1
@Discostu Thanks for the test, I'm sorry for the (very) long reply. For some reason, I did not get notified of new message to the thread... my apologies.

I will test your suggestion and update my findings.
@Discostu I confirm your solution to strip the preview using exiftool works in my case. Thank you very much!!!

@KoPim I have a Pi3, you have a 2B do you think there could cause it to work on your side?

From what I see from others, new Kodi 17 is not helping...

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GUI crashes / restarts when accessing JPEGs from a specific camera0
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