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Release Aeon MQ 7 - Jarvis
@Wanderer189, yes, work in any operational system.

Your steps is fine, but it´s other skin, with many changes in settings area, better don´t use previous settings skin file.
MQ9- - 09.15.2023 - Aeon MQ Skin Team
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(2017-02-06, 21:24)Angelinas Wrote: Please push Jarvis version regular AeonMQ7 v1.5. on Kodi repo.......skin AeonMQ will back to skin thread.
No need to force krypton version...jarvis is minimal condition Smile

This is being arranged.

Want to know more about the skin? Liked my work and want contribute?
Visit my website
XBMC Brazilian Community Forum
By making a donation, please do not post in the forum, send me an email or PM, thank you.
UPDATE: This DID NOT work for me, but I have found a way that works rather well with a much less painful way than installing everything from scratch and re-configuring everything again. I will post how I do it when I am finished testing

(2017-02-07, 15:54)Wanderer189 Wrote: @Wanilton: Is your mod working on android?

I am running Kodi v16.1 on android box. Kodi recommends upgrading to v17 rather than clean install for android. Here is what I was thinking about doing:

1. Change skin to Confluence
2. Upgrade to Kodi v17
3. Install Skin Repo
4. Install add-ons
5. Install modded skin (public release one mod version in xbmcbrasil forum).

My question is this, will all my settings for my current MQ7 be applied to your mod or can I copy them over somewhere rather than spending hours and hours setting it up?

(2017-02-05, 15:49)Wanilton Wrote: @torsan, skin available here is only for use with Kodi Jarvis, don´t work with Kodi Krypton. You have option use Krypton mod version available here and have public release one mod version in xbmcbrasil forum too.
Kodi v20.1 with goodies from the PSMC Collection / Using on PC's, Nvidea Shields, and other Android TV Boxes
How I Upgraded from Kodi v16.1 with MQ7 to Kodi v17 with MQ7 and Saved my Settings

First off, I do not know if this will work for everyone, I run android multiple boxes (2gb/8gb & 3gb/32gb all using android 5.1). I do not use any "builds", I only install the add-ons I want. For me. it makes for a much cleaner, faster experience. (No offense builders, I admire what you do). I use most of the major add-ons, I use the ROM Collection browser with 3000+ games and my boxes are connected to a PC via SMB on my network that hosts my movies, music, TV Shows, etc (hard copies), I also host some of the Kodi data (like thumbnails) or addon data for streaming shows, downloading, etc. on the PC.

I spent quite a few days setting up MQ7 in Kodi 16 to get everything just the way I wanted it, and I sure didn't want to do it again to upgrade to Kodi 17. So I tried what Kodi suggests how to upgrade Kodi to v17 (see my earlier post) and it didn't work. Well, the upgrade of Kodi worked and it did preserve my settings, but I was never able to get MQ7 for 17 to install. I am not sure if it was an addon, old setting files, don't know.

So, these were the steps I took to upgrade them from v16 to v17, both using MQ7 in a few hours.

1. Make a full backup of Kodi v16.1. I use a shared folder on a PC on my network. I use ES File Explorer and simply copy the Kodi directories to the PC using ES, navigate the following:
Local> Internal Storage> Android> data> org.xbmc.kodi> files> kodi (Internal Storage may be different on your device, might be SDcard0, emulated storage or something). Copy the following directories to a safe place:
.smb (you may not have this folder, you will also must have 'Show Hidden Files turned ON in ES Files Explorer to see this folder)

You now have a complete backup of your Kodi v16.1

2. Make sure you made a backup of Kodi 16.1, make sure you made a backup (if anything fails, you can put things back quickly)
3. Un-install Kodi v16 from android device
4. Install Kodi 17, I downloaded the APK, I am sure the play store will work fine, but never tried it.
5. Start Kodi 17. This will build you new directories on the android device, let it do any updates, if any, then exit Kodi.
6. Follow the instructions on installing MQ7 http://www.xbmcbrasil.net/thread-3392.html

If you have done everything right, you should have a fresh install of Kodi v17 using the modded MQ7 skin.

Now comes the fun part:
6. Start ES File Explorer, make sure you have "Show hidden files turned ON" and navigate to your kodi backup, where ever you had saved it, then go into the 'userdata' directory, then into 'addon_data'. Find each directory of the addons that you were using in v16.1 that you want in Kodi 17. For example, if you were using Trakt, copy all the directories that pertain to that addon, they could be called something like 'plugin.video.(the addon name) or it could be 'script.(addon name)', it may have a couple folders, etc. Copy these to the matching folder on your android device.

DO NOT copy any 'skin.whatever' folders.
DO NOT copy the 'skin.aeonmq7' folder.

Now navigate back to your backup copy of the 'userdata' folder. Copy the following files to the matching folder on your android device:
RssFeeds.xml (only if you were using your own RSS feeds in v16.1)
profiles.xml (only if you were using profiles in v16.1)
advancedsetting.xml (only if you have one, also you will have to edit it later if using video cache changes, see kodis furums for the change in v17) http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Modify_the_video_cache

You will also need to copy the following folders ONLY if you used them in v16.1:

keymaps (if you have modded keymapping)
playlists (only if you used custom playlists in v16)
profiles (only if you used profiles in v16)
library (only if you used the library folder in v16)

Finished with most of the tricky stuff.

Okay, fire up kodi, all of your sources from v16.1 will now be there, navigate to each repo and install your favourite addons. (since you copied all of your 'user data' over, your addons will be configured just as they were in v16.1!!!) I would suggest NOT testing them just yet, get them all installed and then exit Kodi.

Okay, one more file copy, using ES, navigate back to your backup 'userdata' folder, then into the 'addon_data' folder, then into the 'skin.aeonmq7' folder, copy the settings.xml to the matching folder on your android device.

Start up Kodi, it should look almost like your old kodi v16 & MQ7. Now in Kodi 17 and MQ7, go to Settings, drop down into 'Skin Settings', make one change in here (I went to MENU BAR, then turned back on the MQ7 Menu Bar), back out to the main menu, shutdown Kodi. Make sure to do this, it saves the MQ7's settings.xml file.

Re-open and then scan in all your libraries for your movies, tv shows, music, etc. This worked for me and saved me a couple days work if would have had to start from scratch, I have been running for over 48hrs now and not had one single crash yet. In my opinion so far is v17 is running noticeably faster. I am not sure if I would have upgraded to 17 all from scratch again, that was alot of work....hahaha., but by doing it this, it was well worth it to me.

Hope this might help some one else with similar issues and thanks to everyone that takes their time to post here and help me and the folks that do all the work on the various projects.
Kodi v20.1 with goodies from the PSMC Collection / Using on PC's, Nvidea Shields, and other Android TV Boxes
@movie78: I know the question was not posted in the right thread, but I want to say thank you, this worked for me as well. Again, thanks

(2017-02-04, 16:41)movie78 Wrote:
(2017-02-01, 13:57)Wanilton Wrote: Work for me, images are old, but continue fine.

Ok i got it to work was missing Skin Info Service 1.0.1 and it looks it only works in Right View.

Do you know how to create SmartPlaylist for Movie-Sets?

Kodi v20.1 with goodies from the PSMC Collection / Using on PC's, Nvidea Shields, and other Android TV Boxes
Is there a way to show the title of the tv show instead of the mq7 logo in the showarts view if logo missing?
(2017-02-12, 19:13)BiTeMeNoW Wrote: Is there a way to show the title of the tv show instead of the mq7 logo in the showarts view if logo missing?

PosterLite view has this option. After selecting the view, arrow over to View Option/Change View. Go down to Icons: and select Prefer: Logo, For any TV Show or Movie where there is no logo will have the Show Name listed
Thanks @RonnieG3 but I asked for the "ShowArt" view Smile. If I do it by myself on an update it will be changed back again.
Not this thread related but does anyone know where to find bluetooth on/off option in Aeon mQ7....... have to change back to default skin to turn off bluetooth PS3 controller

Intel Nuc i5
Liberelec 7.95.3
Aeon Mq 7 (latest from brazil forum)
Firstly I’d like to say thanks to all the people that have developed such a great program that is Kodi and to the people behind the AEON MQ7 skin.
I have some questions and if I’m not in the right area please tell me and I will move them if required
I am using v16.1 Jarvis and AEON MQ7 Skin

The 2 questions are around what I’m going to call labels and background art

1st. When playing music in the background there are 6 images which at set times move to a different position in the background, is it possible to show only 1 image at a time in the background full screen and swap through the different images at set intervals instead? (See below image)

2nd. When viewing the music sources there are no tags to say which source is which (I have assigned some folder images to help me) see below

The same thing happens on this screen which should be showing Artist, Album, Song and Genre etc (see below)

It also occurs on the movie preview screen, all the movie info is present but no actor’s names (see below)

Please tell me what I might be missing to turn on those labels and if its possible to display just a single image at a time when playing music

Thanks in advance

1st. yes, it´s possible configure for show only 1 image or rotate a few images, in fullscreen, where you see lyrics, press M, settings button press enter, and you receive new window with options available, include option for slideshow with single images.



About 2 and 3st, I need check for answer.

4st. in dialog video info, exist name actor and role in the bar, appear when you focus image actor..Something in your side.
MQ9- - 09.15.2023 - Aeon MQ Skin Team
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@Wanilton thanks for the prompt reply I now have a single background image during music and I didn't know about the clicking on actor to bring up info, thank you for this.
I need some help, for some reason I can't find the MQ 7 skin on the any default repo or on the Kodi Brasil Forum Repo.
I am trying to install it on kodi 16.1 but I can't seem to get it to work. everything is a clean install

i try to install from a zip file but first it say something about "xbmc.python 2.25" and then "The dependency on xbmc.json version 7.9.0 could not be satisfied"
@Crash82, version in our repo is only for Kodi Krypton.

Look first post in this thread have donwload link version compatible with Kodi Jarvis.
MQ9- - 09.15.2023 - Aeon MQ Skin Team
MarcosQui Website Donate and support us.
hi everybody. i just need help...with Aeon MQ7 1.4.0

i have a question about the end of a tv show episode. I don't know if it's about the skin or a kodi 16 upgrade but i have this menu after end of ep.


it's normal ? Before this, i haven't this menu, .just a drop menu witch asked me if i want to play the next ep tv show

can anybody explain me?

thx for support
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