Release - Aeon MQ 7 - Jarvis

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Ruk12345 Offline
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@Wanilton when is this skin going to be added the the OFFICAL repo?

Please make MQ 8, 9, 10 and 20,000 just add a existing version to the OFFICAL repo!

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Josip Offline
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That worked, thank you!
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Wanilton Online
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Video  RE: Aeon MQ 7 - Jarvis
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Marcos continue working MQ8 for use with Kodi Leia, when done, will be released via official Kodi repository.

[Image: cYawgpx.jpg]

[Image: WGfWPYf.png]

Video preview

MediaBrazil forum - Youtube Channel
Windows 10 - Kodi 18 Leia - Aeon MQ8 - 0.3.1 - Aeon MQ Team
Wanilton Website - MarcosQui Website

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rocko Online
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Can someone tell me where unknown sources is in MQ7. I have found it before but can't locate it now.

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Dom61 Offline
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Good morning
I ask if you can create it separate source sections with related Home menu commands such as MOVIE section
I tried with the section TV SERIES but there is no command "Management"

This is the MOVIE section

[Image: Ridimensiona_di_Screenshot_001.png]

This is the TV SERIES section

[Image: Ridimensiona_di_Screenshot_002.png]

Am I mistaken, or is not it possible with this skin?

Thank you
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kassysimon Offline
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Hi Guys.

Im trying to understand how the animated posters work. I love them!!

All media is stored on a separate machine to that running Kodi. I manually scrape all my movies using MediaElch and I store all my fanart, poster etc along side the movies and not in a separate folder and I have the Kodi scrappers set to Local Only. If a place a GIF file in the movie folder the GIF poster dosnt work but some movies where i havnt placed a GIF file next to do have animated posters.

Why does this happen?
Are the GIFs stored locally or something?

And is it possible to select or manually scrape my own GIFs for posters and fanart?

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shivanair Offline
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I have installed FTMC Arm General/AML 16.2.29 on my MINIX Neo X8-H plus.
However, when I try to install the Aeon MQ7 for Jarvis skin I get the following error:
aeon mQ 7 the dependency on xbmc.python version 2.25.0 could not be satisfied
Please help. Thanks
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BartjeNL Offline
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How did you solve this? I have the same problem.


(2017-02-26 15:17)prpaulorossi Wrote:  Hi there,

How can I change the colour of the bar that shows the duration ( time pass and time to end ) in the movies/series I watch? The original color is orange and the letters white which make it difficult to see the time ... I´ve tried to change in settings but I couldn´d find it ...
How can I increase the time for the menu to appear when playing movies/series? I find the time insuficient ...

Many thanks.

Disregard please .. I solve the issue ...
Thanks anyway!!!

Keep up the good work
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