[Solved] Codec " Buffer % and Cache Size
In the old Codec display, on the "C" line there was a display for % of buffer full and overall cache size. It is no longer visible in the latest version of your fine skin. Is it possible that could be put back in? It is very useful for determining the speed of a stream and for diagnosing other issues.


+1 (at all - the new info isn't [email protected]kodi developer)
who exept them who need it would open the info?
so all infos are much better.
I would like that as well.

But the info you see in the dialog is all that's currently available for skins.
Will they expose it again or is it gone?

I don't know.

I wouldn't count on it coming back.
I use it all the time when a stream stutters to check how fast or slow the buffer is building or not.
Also to see how hard the CPUs are being worked.
I hope they do bring it back.
Can't imagine why something so useful would be removed :-(
It was part of a major code cleanup and rewrite for Kodi Krypton.

CPU usage is still there Wink

If it gets readded, I'll add the info in the dialog.
(2016-08-25, 08:26)Gade Wrote: It was part of a major code cleanup and rewrite for Kodi Krypton.

CPU usage is still there Wink

If it gets readded, I'll add the info in the dialog.

IS it possible that skins could provide access to buffering and caching information, and CPU usage (even though it is still in codec info) for completeness, as an option to display when required?
Only what is already visible.

Progress cache level and buffering is displayed in the OSD seekbar - bottom right.

Unless we are talking about two different things?
You could be correct!!

What I look at on 16.1 is:-

forward:XXX.X MB on the C line (starting at 1 at the top it's the 5th line displayed on my system) where I believe XXX.X is the amount of buffering, I look at amount and how fast it increases to give me an idea of how fast the stream is arriving.

Next line down W, (CPU0: XX% CPU2: XX%) which shows me how loaded the CPUs are

If what I have posted is clear enough are you able to tell me if this information is available in Kodi 17?
I'm aware that some useful info is not available anymore.

I have included all available info in the fullscreen OSD, dialogs etc.
If additional info is made available for skins, I'll include that as well.
Finaly: Show buffering progress (commit: 859983d) — aleks.rozman / githubweb // todays master Smile

edit: Allready tested it in my Rapier Big Grin

Second Edit, now its better!

I uploaded my edited DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml because the language vars are not full visble for german users (upper right)
you just need to add a language string for the "Bufferlevel:" Smile
Thanks a lot for helping out with this.

That commit is just to bring it back in Estuary.

It's already part of Rapier: https://github.com/gade01/Rapier/blob/ma....xml#L1635


EDIT: Thinkking about it, I might include it in the player process info dialog as well. Smile
That's just what I need. What version is the above in?

The cache level indicator in the seekbar dialog from the screenshot above is in all versions of the skin.

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[Solved] Codec " Buffer % and Cache Size0
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