slideshow of stills and motion files together
Hi just a couple of newbe questions:
1) Which slideshow add-on work with Confluence and Jarvis 16.1 and shows images put some relaxmusic under neath and uses exifdata to subscribe a content of text? (like: " my cat" or this was in ...) the info text you can put in exiff data?
(now it shows only the image so no clue where what who.)
Is it possible in any way?

2) i have all small bits of video arround stills in the same folder as a extra impression and it would be nice if i can use the slideshow add-on to do both file-types like in windows (sorry for cursing ;-) )
I think the drivers are now separated in dvdplayer in video mode and jpeg viewer in image/stills mode.
for now i make a presentation in a win application and develop a slideshowmovie if the group of stills and video interesting enough but this is to time consuming for all content i have. And if i do this for all folders i need another 2 TB or more to store this.

Beware im not a linux programmer just a noob user!Blush
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