[Release] Lifx Ambilight Addon for Kodi
Thought I'd revisit lifx control from kodi after toying with natelifx a while ago. Nice to come across this, much easier to work with and even better that it uses the LAN API rather than rely on the cloud.

Just thought I'd share something I came across.

Tried on one Windows machine, discovered my lights no problem.
Went to set it up on my media center (also Win) but for some reason wouldn't find my lights.
Turns out that although my PCs and lights are on a 10.x.x.x network, I had at some point added a secondary 192.x.x.x IP and it seems the addon was using that IP to scan for my lights. After removing all worked fine.

Hope this helps anyone in the same situation as me..

Might just add one thing I liked in natelifx was that it differentiated between a movie and tv show being played and allowed different settings for each. At the moment I have the minimum time set to 3600 seconds to disable dimming on tv shows, though it might be nice to be able to have a different dimming level set for tv shows rather than disabling.

Thanks for the addon nonetheless!
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