Yahoo Weather - Groundhog Day
This has been an issue for some time now - close to a year, but I can't say for certain. It is definitely an issue with Kodi 16.1 under LibreELEC 7.02, but it was the same with Kodi 16.1 under OpenELEC 6.0.3 using Yahoo! Weather 3.3.1.

Issue one:
I cannot add my closest town via the Add Location window. It simply never is found. Yet a few versions back it had no issue. So I copy/paste the appropriate line out of the old settings.xml into the new one and it's happy. My nearest town is Fort Qu'Appelle which is in Canada. It will accept Qu'Appelle (which is another town further away) but not Fort Qu'Appelle. I have to paste the following into my settings.xml for it to work:
<setting id="Location1" value="Fort Qu&apos;appelle (CA)" />

Issue two:
Weather forecasts seem to work fine, as does current conditions. However at some point during the day, the current day's High will always get set to -17C. Now, that may be accurate some days of the year... sad, but true... but todays high is somewhere around 33C, yet later this afternoon or early evening, this will change in the app and show that the high was -17C. It likely happens at the same time every day, but I never think to check it every hour or so. Looks like it happens sometime after 3pm.


No response for either of these two issues? I'm no software coder but these seem like they might be pretty basic to repair...

I have been seeing issues with Yahoo weather too. I keep getting odd temperatures. 109, 150F, 2000F etc. It is 109F right now! I assure you that I do not live on Venus.Smile It is really about 44F right now.

Every time I refresh, I get a different temp. I just refreshed a bunch of times and ran through a lot of strange temps. It finally set to 43F, which is about right for current conditions.

But more refreshes more odd numbers. It is now 2718F ! That is a new record!
It may be some kind of error which shows the wrong temperature reading.
Seems pretty stable lately.
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