New Script (and Plugin) BBC PodRadio
Displays and plays available BBC Podcast and Radio content streams.

Its obviously aimed at UK users, but may interest others.

Script Usage:
1. Pick a DIRECTORY (e.g. Browse Radio by radio stations)

2. Pick a CATEGORY (e.g. BBC 6 Music)

This finds and displays a list of available STREAMS

3. Select a STREAM and playback starts.

Pretty simple but effective.

Also included is a My Music Plugin version (my first Smile ) , which provides the same information without a fancy GUI. This can be found in the installation zip in the plugin folder. You will need a XBMC build from Sept. '07 onwards thats supports Plugins.

1. Create subfolder XBMC\Plugins\music\BBC PodRadio
2. Copy included BBC Podradio\Plugin\ to XBMC\Plugins\music\BBC PodRadio\
3. In XBMC My Music, Add Source, Browse to Music Plugins, select BBC PodRadio, OK

1. Goto My Music
2. select plugin to run it

NB. Radio shows are Realmedia streams and as such take a while to initially fill the player cache. Be patient.

I've got a version in the works that's based around WindowXML, but as its my first attempt using that, its not ready yet. (if that means nothing to you, just ignore it)

Any problems let me know.
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Where's the download link Billy?
Thanks for writing the script it's something I've been wanting for a while. I've noticed a couple of bugs when I run it. There are many links called by the day of the week in the listen again streams when the name of the show should be visible to distinguish between them e.g. 'Jo Wiley - MON' in the Radio One links.

The "Local Radio Stations (40)" in the radio station list doesn't return a further list of stations only a "No Streams Found" dialog.

Also it would be cool if the streams to live radio were available too.
kpatm Wrote:Where's the download link Billy?

I guess it's this one?
yes, that's the link.

Johnnyfive: yes I've seen those too. I need to improve the scrapping of the streams page. Will also look at the problem with the 'local radio station' and the possibility of finding the 'live' streams.

cheers for the feedback.

The WindowsXML based version is coming along nicely, animations and skinnable etc. Smile
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BBC PodRadio updated to v1.1 available now on

Improved scrapping of streams, stops some hangs in some instances.
Better displaying or Day Of The Week links.
Added 'Live Radio'.

(plugin also updated with same changes)

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Thumbs Up 

Cracking job! A superb script, works great.

One suggestion/request please...can we have a scrollbar in the main window so we can tell when there are more podcasts available. You can only tell there are more by pressing "down" and seeing if the page scrolls when you get to the bottom.

Apart from that - this script is brilliant - icons, durations, easy selection by genre/station, nice layout... - excellent!!!

I'm rewriting the script to be WindowXML based (skinnable) and I've added in scrollbars for the Categories (in footer) and the Streams lists. Some nice anims too.

thanks for the feedback.
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Great script. But I think the links have changed on the bbc site. I cant seem to run any previous shows. Live works though.

It says: "Download Failed. No Media Link Found".

Be great to have this fixed, I always listen to it. Thanks.
your right. site change. will work on it asap.

that's the trouble with scraping !

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Does your script have features not available in the plugin?

If so what. I'm trying to see what other features plugins could use.
For python coding questions first see
Hey guy!

Fantastic script, LOVE IT!

Problem I am having tho, and I had the same problem with the other BBC radio scrapper... It won't play radio 2...? It plays the message from 'the voice of the balls' about the fact you are listening to radio 2.... then dead.. nothing.

Any ideas?

Cheers Undecided

P.s. I can not confirm nor deny that I listen to radio 2.
I uploaded v2 to last night, might not appear for a couple of days, but will post when it does. It does fix a few stream scrapping problems (among other things like being skinable, self installing Plugin etc)

I'll assume your referring to Live radio (as opposed to the Listen Again) - but your right, some of them have an introduction then stop, others just goto the actual Live feed.
Not sure what to do about that yet.

Being a TOG or TYG no shame mate Wink
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Rock on brother.

Rock on.
ok. sussed the Live Radio only playing the intro clip.
Seems the container .rpm file can contain multiple rtps lines, its acting as a form of playlist.

Quick fix.

In function playStream()

change the regular expression from

to be

That will just pickup the live feed
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