New Script (and Plugin) BBC PodRadio
BigBellyBilly Wrote:but there is an iPlayer script ...

But isnt that only for the UK? Is this plugin dead? Sad i really liked it
not dead, have been working on it recently, cleaning out the dead feeds, fixing some stuff and adding in more skin support.
Will let you know when its done.

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Glad to hear work continues. This has got to be one of the things myself and my extended family use most often. We're all radio 4 listeners ;-)

(oh and to any radio 4 listeners who haven't already done it check out BBC Radio 7. It's another great talking radio station. Plays a lot of dramas and plays - including some of he great older stuff that the BBC's done - it's on the script obviously for those of us who don't have a DAB ;-) )

Anyways, thanks again bro.

Oh and if you can divine some way to copy the .rm files (not the .ram - the actual audio files) to the xbox or a samba share to listen to later I'd be extremely greatful. I don't always have time to listen to some parts of audiodrama's I'm listening to and would like the ability to store some programs for listening to when I have more time).

It can be done via windows with flashget - and I assume the xbox must resolve the exact media location at some point....though possibly this is done by XBMC itself and not your plugin/script?

Anyway thanks again BBB for helping make XBMC as jaw-droppingly awesome as it undoubtedly is Wink
revised code (also Atlantis compatible) is ok for release now, but unfortunatly the python url libs don't support the rtsp protocol , so a .ra (discovered from .ram) can't be saved.
(NB Saving is obviously different to giving the .ra url to the mplayer.)

The script does allow you to save any that are .mp3 based for later playback.
Quite a lot of streams have gone as they've been moved to using the iPlayer, which is covered with another script. Script now filters out those streams.

Just fine tuning the PM3.HD skin. then I'll release it shortly.

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Sweet. Thanks BBB. Guess we can't win them all with the python lib.

I'll look forward to the release. And a big thanks from myself, and the whole of my exteneded family. Wink

Is there any news on the update?

I'm finding that when I try to play shows again (i.e. Radio 1), the plugin only seems to list a few shows and not the whole lot.

Is that expected? Thanks.
Updated v2.2 (with plugin) now available on

  • Updated: To be xbmc 'Atlantis' compatible.
  • Updated: Supporting libs.
  • Updated: Skins.
  • Updated: Stream scraping.
  • Updated: Language strings
  • New: Prompt to Save or Play (podcast) stream after selection.
  • New: More skins. (mediaStream, Default 720p ...)
  • New: Menu options 'Clear Cache', 'Play Saved File', 'Stop Playing'

NOTE. You must be running a XBMC 'Atlantis' as a minimum build to use this version (due to some changes in the way skins and language are used)

any problems etc, let me know or maybe just donate me a beer Wink

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Thanks for uploading the new script / plugin.

Unfortunately I'm only getting local radio stations, Radio Cymru, Radio nan Gaidheal and World Service - none of the BBC stations?

Is there any way of being able to build those in?

Thanks in advance
ok. the reason is that I changed the regular expression that scrapes the page to exclude the streams that are now commented out in their html (as those programmes have been moved to be available only on the iPlayer). But, I shouldnt have done that with the Live Radio. Its an easy fix:

1) edit goto line 463

2) remove the ^ (hat) character at beginning of the regex =
regex = '^<li><a href="(.*?)".*?>(.*?)</a'

to be

regex = '<li><a href="(.*?)".*?>(.*?)</a'

it will then show all feeds again.

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Are you going to correct this in the downloadable script? How do i make this correct for the plugin version?
yep, fix is in for both script and plugin.

To fix plugin yourself, search for the (previously posted) regex and remove the ^ at beginning. It occurs twice, but I'd recommend changing it just for the Radio Live.

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that's the second occurence right? i've just downloaded it from xbmc scripts again and it isn't fixed
Yes, the occurrence that's in the bit for Radio Live. Its not on

But, to save any confusion I've released the changes I've made to the code repository (google svn) so next time you run your script it should self update to v2.2.1 Version number shown on top right of script and in changelog viewable from its mainmenu.
It should also update plugin on first run.

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you da man, bra.
Okay, so I think I got it downloaded and installed okay, but when I select a stream, I'm just getting silence. I get "Now playing" scrolling along near the bottom of the screen okay, but no sound. I'm using XBMC for Windows by the way, any idea what might be wrong?

Many thanks,

Dr. Matt, XBMC newbie.
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