BUG - Crashes when trying to resume playback of x265 from time X

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@xbmcoholic anything that might help get this issue resolved Smile

Anyone else here having this issue please chime in on the intel forum @ https://communities.intel.com/thread/116386 The more people that add to that post the more likely intel might pay attention.
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It seems that if you have a 5th (5xxx) Generation Intel CPU or older, having DXVA2 turned on or off should have no performance impact as DXVA2 support isn't introduced until the 6th Generation and up.


The Intel thread on crashes is still going, they had no crashes on the latest hardware and drivers but were able to replicate the issue on the older driver which is current for my hardware. My gut tells me that they'll probably post an updated driver for the older hardware that makes sure DXVA2 is completely disabled which is essentially the same thing as the work-around of disabling DXVA2 in the advanced Kodi Player settings.

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