Trying to create custom menu item in Transparency...
Okay, I've had some success! I had zero success with trying to add a custom menu button, but I was able to edit the stock "TV Shows" button to display "TV Series" instead and break it so nothing happens when you click it. I was actually hoping to have it open my custom "tv series" smart playlist instead, but this was at least proof of concept. I copied some code I found that was suppose to make Kodi load a smart playlist and this does indeed work! I couldn't work out how to assign background art, so I just left the code as-is and assigned it via the Kodi GUI instead. Did the same to the stock Movies menu which FINALLY freed up two custom slots to make both my anime movies and anime series menus! I finally have "TV Series", "Movies", "Anime Movies" and "Anime Series" menu buttons that use smart playlists to keep their libraries separate! Hooray!

The final touch will be putting the buttons into alphabetical order! According to what I've read online, the order of the menu buttons is suppose to come from either:
A) The "item id=" number
B) The actual order as it appears in the Includes_Home.xml

I've tried both, but they're still not in order! I want it to go Anime Movies>Anime Series>Movies>TV Series>Videos>Add-ons>Settings. Here's the code:
<include name="HomeCustom1Button">
<item id="1">
<include name="HomeCustom2Button">
<item id="2">
<include name="HomeMoviesButton">
<item id="3">
<onclick>ActivateWindow(10025,"special://profile/playlists/video/Movies.xsp", return)</onclick>
<include condition="!Skin.HasSetting(Home_Movies_Fanart_Background)">home-movies-background</include>
<include condition="Skin.HasSetting(Home_Movies_Fanart_Background)">home-movies-background-fanart</include>
<include name="HomeTVShowsButton">
<item id="4">
<label>TV Series</label>
<onclick>ActivateWindow(10025,"special://profile/playlists/video/TV Series.xsp", return)</onclick>
<include condition="!Skin.HasSetting(Home_TVShows_Fanart_Background)">home-tvshows-background</include>
<include condition="Skin.HasSetting(Home_TVShows_Fanart_Background)">home-tvshows-background-fanart</include>
<include name="HomeVideosButton">
<item id="5">

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Trying to create custom menu item in Transparency...0
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