Trying to create custom menu item in Transparency...
In a previous post Pak K suggests re-purposing an existing button, but Pat does not say how, so I decided to explore that path a bit.
Suppose you keep all your videos on one NAS.
Within that NAS you create partitions, let's call them Movies, Television, AnimeMovies, and AnimeTelevision.
Next you groan at the prospect of organizing your media yet again.
After a strong cup of coffee, you populate your partitions with the appropriate content.
Within Kodi, you add and scrape the content, 2 for movies and two for TV.
Still jacked on java, you set about creating four smart playlists, 2 for movies and two for TV. Your rule for the movie playlists would be path contains AnimeMovies for one playlist and path does not contain AnimeMovies for the other playlist. Same for the two tv playlists. Here''s an example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="tvshows">
<name>Not Anime TV</name>
<rule field="path" operator="doesnotcontain">

After exiting Kodi, you navigate over to your playlists folder and within the Videos sub folder you add a new folder called Anime. Here's what I mean:
The two scripts that exclude anime are not in the Anime folder and the two scripts that select anime are inside the anime folder.
I know the coffee is wearing off.
Within Kodi, navigate to the smart playlists folder and make the folder you created, the one called Anime, a favorite. You guessed it, add that favorite to a custom button.
You can now mod your skin so clicking the Movies button runs the Not Anime Movies script and clicking the TV button runs the Not Anime TV script. Re-order you buttons as you see fit. Here's a snip:
Clicking on the anime button displays the two scripts:
And so everything is properly split out.
The sucky part is if you edit the two scripts within the Anime folder Kodi will move them into the Videos folder, so you manually have to move them back to the Anime folder.
I don't follow Kodi development, but I hope blended media will get some love in Version 18.

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