Sub Menu Movies Appearing under main Movie Tag
New(ish) to Kobi again. Using Aon Nox skin.

Have setup a movie folder and a sub folder underneath called kids. Both main movie folder and the kids sub folder point to different folder structures on my NAS. When i click on the kids sub menu it only displays cartoons etc.All good !!!

When I click on the main movie button it displays everything(all my other stuff) including the kids stuff as well. Not so good !!!

Perhaps it's meant to work like that? The thing isI don't have that issue on my TV shows where I can have sub menus pointing towards more specialised stuff such as Home Improvement, Gardening etc...They don't appear in the main TV shows folder which is all the normal telly stuff.

How would i view the main movie folder and exclude the kids cartoons etc which i have apportioned off to the sub menu button please?

I have already setup different folders on the NAS to accomodate each source of information.

If the above doesn't make sense, please shout and I'll try to clarify



Edit. So..On further investigaton I do have the Sub Menu items appearing in the main TV Shows folder as well. How do I go about creating dedicated / unique folders for a certain genre from the get go instead of clicking on the various filters?
Try the video node (wiki) editor add-on, or creating a replacement smart playlist (wiki) and mapping that to the main menu instead. Just make the rule to "exclude" cartoons, and it will show everything else.
The main menu 'Movies' will always show all movies. Like Ned says, use smart playlist or video nodes to separate the movies and then place them on your main menu.

So what I did, was creating different playlist for Kids and Adult. Removed the 'movie' from the main menu and added the two playlists as main menu items. Myhomepage (main menu) now covers Kids, Movies (adults), TVshows, Concerts, etc.
Thanks for those replies. I'll have a play around. Eventually found similar threads after multiple searches as well on this. Cheers for your help

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Sub Menu Movies Appearing under main Movie Tag0
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