DVD-A (DVD-Audio) playback in XBMC?
One more *bump* - I have some DVD-A's and I wan't to play them directly on XBMC.
That's really a hot topic for me too
+1 for DVD-A support!
Quick Links: debug log (wiki) | userdata (wiki) | advancedsettings (wiki) | adding videos to the library (wiki)
For now (on Linux) I'm ripping DVD-As with DVDAExplorer (wine or compiled from src), then fixing channel order in eac3to (wine). It's kind of annoying, and occupies space - but it works.

Well, someday we'll have to write plugin ourself (-;
Is the situation changes in 2021?
I still want to play dvd audio woth kodi!
(2021-03-12, 17:15)korzh_yura Wrote: Is the situation changes in 2021?
I still want to play dvd audio woth kodi!

I have been experimenting with this for a while. Today I just installed v.19.3 (Matrix).

I have found that the key to getting DVD-A *.iso files to play is to add them under 'Videos' sources - which makes sense because the file structure on a DVD-A is very similar to a regular DVD5/9.

Next came getting an external player that would work correctly. So I then added VLC, MPC-HC64, and Foobar2000 as external players in my playercorefactory.xml ( per examples provided elsewhere in these forums). 

'Play with' Foobar2000 seems to work best. The last time I tried farting around with using Foobar2000 as an external player, it would not exit properly when the Foobar2000 window was closed - so maybe that was something that got fixed with Matrix?

At any rate, after years of trying to get this to work with my DVD-A collection, it seems to be working ok now. Though of course I won't be completely satisfied until it works internally without the need for an external player. I know just enough about this to be dangerous, so I won't even try to 'make it work' with Kodi natively - but I sure wish someone could. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of DVD-A disks and ISO rips out there - but I understand they will not become any more popular as time goes on, so we are probably stuck with half-assed fixes like mine.  Undecided

It will also work with VLC and MPC but it seems to only provide the stereo mix with those players - even though the initial video menu shows, the menu does not function correctly. (I tried using Leawo Blu-ray Player, which has built in menu navigator, but it wouldn't even open the iso - yet it will mount using any virtual drive software so go figure. As we all know, just because something has an iso extension doesn't mean it will always work in any particular player. ) 

In Foobar2000, you see every track and can easily identify the stereo and multichannel tracks. I'm pretty sure there is a setting in Foobar2000 where you can filter out the stereo tracks so as to only display/play the multichannel tracks - or maybe I'm getting that mixed up with another player? - my mind's getting foggy in my old age.

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DVD-A (DVD-Audio) playback in XBMC?0
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