[Kodi 16 Jarvis] VBox TV Gateway PVR Client - Slow loading of channels
Running VBox TV Gateway PVR Client (v2.1.10) add-on on Kodi Jarvis 16.1 on both Windows and Amazon Fire TV with a VBox xti-3340 (2.54 firmware) . On both platforms when starting up loading channels (87 channels) takes around 5 minutes. If I use the PVR IPTV Simple Client add-on loading the same channels takes only a few seconds. Is this a known issue with the VBox TV Gateway PVR Client add-on or is there something I can change to speed the loading of channels up?
It doesn't sound normal. Can you post a debug log (wiki) where you start Kodi and then exit as soon as everything has loaded?
negge: Many thanks for the reply. Log file is at https://paste.ubuntu.com/23170116/
I also have an issue with this. When starting, immediately there is the message on top of the screen "Loading channels from clients". Sometimes this loading starts instantly. But sometimes you can wait for several minutes before it starts. I have 27 channels and once they start loading, it is quite quick. But it is the waiting that is so frustrating

PVR Vbox add-on: Version 1.3.9 . This sounds much older than the version JM62 is running but the system indicates that this is the latest version (only installed last week). This is Kodi running on a Raspberry Pi under OpenElec

Under Kodi Systems Info and PVR Service it says my Vbox is XTI3332 but it is actually an XTI3334 with 4 satellite tuners

Branksome: Version difference may be to do with Raspberry Pi running Linux and my two systems Windows and Android? Maybe the newer versions of the addon have not been compiled for Linux.
JM62: I am sure you are right. I also have Kodi (actually SPMC) running on a Nvidia Shield which is an Android box. But I am leaving that with a MediaPortal backend whilst I come up to speed with the Vbox . Interesting that MediaPortal has no problem with the UK epg either from terrestrial or satellite.
Based on the log it looks like the loading takes more like 60 seconds, and the biggest part of that is spent retrieving EPG data from the VBox (that part can't be improved, the VBox is just slow when it comes to that).
negge: Many thanks for taking a look. I thought that with the following settings I had configured the VBox TV Gateway PVR Client to use only the external EPG and not try to get EPG from the VBox. I must be mistaken - can you advise if it is possible to stop the add-on from trying to get the EPG from the VBox please?

* Use external XMLTV: ON
* External XMLTV path: {points to my NAS}
* Prefer external EPG over OTA: ON
* Use channel icons from external XMLTV: ON

Kodi shows All Channels and channel names etc for 7 minutes (timed for the log you've seen) and so I wonder what is happening for the other 6 minutes? Is this all just loading the EPG from the VBox?
OK, just tied this down. The problem is with loading "+1" channels for instance "ITV +1", "ITV2 +1" and so on. This seems to be a fault in the firmware on the VBox itself as it also has problems loading the "+1" channels into the VBox EPG as well. I'll contact VBox support for a possible resolution.
As I hoped VBox support have a new firmware release (2.55) which has fixed the slow loading caused by the "+1" channels.

negge: Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
@JM62 actually I don't think it's possible to completely disable the OTA EPG grabbing at the moment. You can open an issue on Github (https://github.com/kodi-pvr/pvr.vbox/) so it doesn't get forgotten, it sounds like a reasonable feature.
negge: I'll do that - thanks.
Not sure if this helps but..

Since ver 2.50 of the VBox software it has not been necessary to use the External XMLTV option on the Kodi add-on.

The only configuration required is to just point the Kodi add-on to the VBox IP address.

Then on the Program guide page, point the VBox to the XMLTV file location, and match and sync your live channels with the EPG.
merlin21: Thanks for the input. Unfortunately before v2.55 of the firmware the VBox did not handle some channel names correctly such as channels with "+1" in the name. And so would not match these channel names or import EPG data for them from an external XLMTV file. V2.55 of the firmware has only just been replaced this last weekend.
I am using v 2.53 and have all the uk +1 channels.

I get my XMLTV file from Schedules Direct/mc2xml
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