Release -  PyLearner - Learn Python the "easy" way.

PyLearner, current version: 2.1.1

Teach yourself the high-level programming language coming by the name "Python".

Whether you want to learn how to develop simple scripts, build GUIs, understand its concepts or even do mathematical operations, this is the addon for you.

From the comfort of your smartphone or even your living room, wherever there is Kodi.

All in English and Greek language.

It works in conjunction with Youtube addon.

Featured playlists from these channels:

Also my favorite "zero to hero" one time long videos:

And as a cherry on the cake, a python cheatsheet in text box mode, this one:

When I have some more spare time, I 'll colourize it for easy reading.

Download it from here:


or even fork/clone it:

Icon was found in a public domain with a License allowing commercial or not use. Edited as per addon's author discretion. Fanart was also found in a public domain. The rest of the artwork/thumbnails/icons are loaded remotely from respective Youtube videos and channels.
This is awesome! I didn't even know about the original addon! Thanks for the info, I'll download later tonight and give it a go!
Just released version 1.0.3 with more videos and a cheat sheet in text box mode, option lies in the bottom of main menu. Under the hood changes include new plugin/parameter calls and the use of "requests".
Will uninstall the former and install the later.

Thank you.
Just released 1.0.5 1.0.6 version with the addition of Kodification's videos.
Hi everyone,

Just released version 1.1.0 of PyLearner. From the changelog:

- Removed requests dependency
- Items list is now hosted remotely to allow easy changes and it is loaded with parsedom
- Main menu code rework
- Actions code rework
- Added TotalRevolution's playlists
- Various bug fixes
- Compatible as Jarvis and above
Hi everyone,

Version 1.2.0 1.2.1 changes:
- Utilized "urlresolver" youtube-dl for directly playable streams
- Cheatsheet colourization
- Improved full screen information by passing title & video thumbnail correctly
- Bug fixes and other insignificant changes
Thanks for this!
Hi everyone,

Version 1.2.2 removes dependency for youtube-dl (in the hope of making it more lightweight). Youtube addon is now used exclusively for playing streams with the PlayMedia method. Addon is also marked as Isengard+ compatible.
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Bump to 2.1.0 version with the addition of playlists in Greek language.
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This addon can now be found in my repository:
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