Stalker on Apple TV4

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stevefxp Offline
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Hello all,

Is the Stalker PVR client still a problem? I am coming into this game now, with the purchase of an Apple TV4. I have tried to sideload Krypton Alpha 1 and configure Stalker, but once I do this Kodi will no longer load. I then moved up to Beta1 of Krypton but now Stalker does not load the guide information.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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hephalump Offline
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This is definitely still an issue... I sideloaded Kodi 17 on to my ATV4 and got everything working except Stalker; channels won't play and guide won't load.
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Japgeisha Offline
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any news on how to make the stalker or live tv working in apple tv 4 th thx
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underwriter Offline
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(2016-11-13 21:31)Japgeisha Wrote:  any news on how to make the stalker or live tv working in apple tv 4 th thx

You need to be a bit more specific with your request for help. The functionality of the Stalker is server dependent as some work very well while others don't. Perhaps you should pm with more details and I'll see if I can help you out.
Again, bear in mind that in my opinion, KODI on ATV4 is really what it is; an experiment.
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