Kodi as a Windows 10 store app on startup after boot

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KitFox Offline
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Hi everyone,

I'm posting this just to save some time for those (like me) who want to install Kodi as a Windows Store app and to make it startup automatically after boot:

1. Simply open the File Explorer and type: shell:AppsFolder
2. You will see all of your apps as icons, simply make a shortcut from Kodi to the Desktop.
3. Copy the shortcut to the startup folder at: %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

Good luck!

Regardless and until the official Wiki updates, I've found the Userdata folder now (for Kodi as a Windows Store app) at:

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Hope this help those in need.
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airv92 Offline
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Thank you for this Kitfox
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Karellen Online
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Hello KitFox,

Thank you for sharing that advice.

Could you provide the link to the wiki page with the incorrect information so I can correct it.

If you can also provide a screenprint of windows explorer showing the address of the location would be great. You can upload the image to... https://imgbb.com/ and link back here.

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