Release -  Metropolis 3.4.0 for Kodi 17 (Krypton)
(2016-10-01, 00:52)jingai Wrote:
(2016-09-30, 21:01)gate1975mlm Wrote: Found another possible bug?

When using the Keymap Editor when ever you click on any selection like "Global" for example you can see the Programs menu briefly appear for a split second and looks strange. You also see it when you keep clicking the back button on the remote.

Also when clicking on Edit, Global,Navigation, Context Menu, Edit key and then click the back button to get to the save settings menu I see a window message in the background that says "No PVR ADD-ON Enabled" with an OK button,. But because it's in the background I can not click the OK button until I get back to the save settings menu.

Maybe you can fix these small annoying bugs in the next Metropolis? Smile


I'll check this on Monday or so, but could you please check with the addon author first? It's more likely the problem is there, and I'm busy with other aspects of Kodi atm so I don't want to disrupt anything with an addon like this (i.e., one that can be destructive).

I am seeing these same issues . I didn't have them before, but it could technically be an issue with the keymap editor addon. I have seen the same dialog in other places randomly, too, though. Just thought I'd let you know.
Hey,first of all. I love this skin and use it, but have some questions nontheless:

- where can I find Libreelec settings in menu? Is it possible to add this in Home furniture?
- In the list view, where the HD,SD icons are next to the movie/episode name - is it possible to add Movie rating on the right? There is some free space there
- The other thing - is it possible to ADD 4k or UHD icons in the same menu for 4k movies?

Otherwise, everythings great.
(2017-03-10, 14:09)panterck Wrote: - where can I find Libreelec settings in menu? Is it possible to add this in Home furniture?

Not sure this answers your questions, but to find the Librelec settings, I had to go to Programs from the home menu. The Librelec settings are a Program Add-On. I just finished using this menu to upgrade to Librelec 8.0 (and Kodi v17 Krypton). Hope that helps!
I've just updated kodi 16.1 to 17.1,
about everything is working well but..

I had rss feed in my 16.1 and it's not there now..

is there a solution?

thank you

I fixed it

thank you

I just upgraded my kodi to 17 Kryptonite (on arch linux).

Whenever I start kodi it reverts to the default home layout. I can change it to the horizontal text layout (which is my preference), but whenever I close and then restart kodi it reverts back to the default layout.

Any idea what might be causing this and how to fix it ?

I've been doing a few new installs recently and noticed that Metropolis is no longer a default option for Krypton (Linux) under "Get More" skins.

Anyone else noticed, or is it just me?
It looks like it's there:
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