Android - Zidoo X9S, X8 & X10 (4K / HDR / 3D / HD Audio): Review & User Impressions

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(2017-09-19 00:49)SilverBlade Wrote:  It the Zidoo X9S the right player for me?

Currently, I have a Dune Base 3.0 (which has a SMB server, so I can transfer movies to it over LAN), along with 2 Mediasonic 4-bay enclosures ( (I have 6 drives currently, all in NTFS), and both of them are connected to a USB Hub

And I am using the Logitech Harmony One to control it.

Will the X9S be able to replicate everything I'm doing now? (SMB server to transfer files, connecting multi-bay enclosures with a USB hub, write to NTFS drives over LAN, HD Audio Bistreaming), and control it with the Logitech Harmony One?

According to your setup, I recommend you to stick with Dune Base. X9S is still unreliable. Next firmware upgrade might break something. I use it just for watching movies. Couple of subtitle lines are missing every 5 mins or so.
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What I have written previously...

From general reading it appears that to connect Multiple drives to Android boxes you have to:

- Root the device
- Use [root] StickMount App from Chainfire.

More info here:

Windows/Linux/LibreELEC Kodi boxes have no such problems.
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