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Yes, you're right.. I should do that. But it's in the middle of the night over here Tongue So maybe tomorrow Wink
Is anyone else have problems getting both Filemanager and weather icons to work?

Nothing happens when I click...I'm using XBOX version!
MikeBeecham Wrote:Is anyone else have problems getting both Filemanager and weather icons to work?

Nothing happens when I click...I'm using XBOX version!

Well I have made changes to the SVN to make those links the same as PM3 (should work for you) but If the ones I had didn't work then that means your XBMC is out of date even if you think its not. jmarshall added the support for the lines I used over a month ago.
I suggest you go into PM3 then check system info for the compile date of your xbe.
But basically if those buttons don't work other things will not work properly either like the media info views will be all wrong
Great skin.. I just love it!.. Running the blue media version..

It's now my default skin!

Keep up the great work..
I am liking this skin very much -- clean, elegant, simple.

Although I am experiencing some problems: XBMC locks up when I try to change to a different skin, and occasionally it will lock up when I am playing media in the background and navigate to other folders. I am using this week's T3CH release of XBMC, and not getting these lockups with other skins.

So not my default skin yet, but it's looking good.
I was looking through the keymap.xml and didn't see anything special for the mouse, how can I adjust what the mouse buttons do
i.e. Button2 = ParentDir, Button3=PreviousMenu, Button4 = Up, Button5 = Down

awesome skin It's now my default on linux.
stupid no edit button.

There are a few other things I found while playing with the skin. Could a button be added to the music and video screens to go fullscreen also for car pc use could a back/menu button be added to the skin? Also the hotspot media controls only work in the videos not the fullscreen audio.

Again awesome work.
Here is an updated version for the latest t3ch and up I recomend UP it fixed a small error in text
The Color themes have been removed and need to be updated you can now download the updated versions from in the skin (go to settings then left so the menu opens and select skin settings its the first option)

The skin is pretty much the same just a few new features for people in skin settings


Basics-101 Media Only Version rev1050

Basics-101 Xbox Version rev1050

Skinning SVN link for just this skin

Complete Changelog since last version

Quote:Date Rev Message
2007-12-04 1050 Fixed : Alignment bug of plot in MediaInfo 2 view of video library when scrollbar wasn't visisble
2007-12-03 1049 Added : Some pretty colors to video and music fullscreen info
2007-12-03 1047 Fixed : Invalid old image from pm3 copy and paste
2007-12-03 1046 Fixed : inbuilt theme downloader now properly deletes partially downloaded themes if you cancel half way through so you don't end up with corrupt themes in your media dir.
2007-12-03 1045 Added : border around Album and Video cover art in fullscreen media info and now playing info in non fullscreen Changed : Pictures media info view big side image to listitem.icon and added a border around it (you need a big thumb cache for this skin to look decent anyway so it should still look ok and load faster) Fixed : possible path issue in the get themes python script
2007-12-02 1044 Fixed : Movie Title in AMT list view side was too long
2007-11-20 1011 Changed : Added Command line parameter support to the build.bat file so you can script skin build with no user interaction Options are 1 and 2 1 = Xbox version 2 = Media only version. Thanks to juju2 of XBMC Skin Manager for the code (
2007-11-20 1010 fixed: [Basic 101] Canceling should now delete file
2007-11-20 1009 Fixed : Theme down loader now shows the cancel notification Changed : Added Local strings from the new theme down loader options
2007-11-20 1008 changed: [Basic 101] Get Theme script to delete on cancel, and to ask if you want to overide if file already exists
2007-11-19 1007 Changed : Added a new .BAT file for building the skin ( BUILD_SKIN.BAT ) thanks to nuka1195. when run offers you a choice of Xbox or Media Center versions and now creates a file to add the skins revision number into systeminfo in the skin (so if you have problems I know what version you are using).
2007-11-18 1005 Updated : language/French/strings.xml so it contains the strings needed for the download theme script Smile Thanks again Modhack
2007-11-18 1004 Updated : Download theme script now uses Localization strings so should translate well Added : Updated French file by modhack big thanks
2007-11-18 1003 Fixed : Forgot to Add the extras dir to the build.bat files
2007-11-18 1002 Changed : Removed "Advanced Mouse" from settings and moved it to skin Settings Added : New skin settings window with Options to turn off auto plot scrolling and turn off background Video and Visualization while Media is Playing (All are still on by default) Added : A Simple theme downloader and installer that connects to the Blackbolt website and shows the themes names that you can download for Basics-101 Updated : Few more french strings for the skin settings that are probably 100% wrong (Babelfish again) Smile
2007-11-18 1001 Updated : Basics-101 now use the new way of string localization which is the same as XBMC you will need revision 10780 or higher of XBMC for this to work. No more copying over translate.xml files to get your own custom language you just need to make a file in the language did of the skin and translate it (when XBMC changes language so does the skin if the translated file exists). I also added a test french translation. Its probably 100% wrong because I used bablefish on the net. If you have translations get in contact with me on XBMC or xbox-scene forums so I can add them to SVN Sorry linux guys you will have to wait until the next merge for it to work
2007-11-18 1000 Fixed : Basics-101 silly spelling error surprised I don't get more
2007-11-17 999 Changed : Couple of minor alignment changes to make times not get cut off in pal 16x9 (hopefully)
2007-11-17 998 Changed : Basics-101 Added Autoscroll and justified text to AMT script windows
2007-11-17 997 Changed : Increased the time taken for scrolling textboxes to reset to 5 seconds from 3 to give you more time to finish reading them
2007-11-17 996 Changed : Full screen video info shows Studio if Director is missing usefull for AMT
2007-11-17 995 Fixed : Recent changes to XBMC broke layout of full screen video info
2007-11-16 994 Added : Auto scrolling to plot information in media info views and Video Info Dialog (can't turn it off yet) Added : A special view type of container.content(movies) to list view in video file mode this hopefully dosn't break any other sections list view (music,pics,scripts) and gives you some nice info when using new AMT Plugin soon to come out.
2007-11-16 993 Changed : Basics-101 Video MediaInfo view type displays Studio Value if Director Value doesn't exist (usfull for the up and coming AMT plugin) - Changed : Titles (red labels) for Video MediaInfo view type only display when they have data for that label
2007-11-15 992 Changed : Basics-101 centered the text in the non smooth scrolling method of XBMC_Lyrics script
2007-11-15 991 Changed : all media info text is now fully justified (think newspaper text) you will need revision 10752 or higher for this to work. Linux people will have to wait for the next merge
2007-11-15 990 Fixed : Basics-101 no default icon showing for files in file manager since it broke a little back then was fixed again
2007-11-13 988 Fixed : Alignment issue with AMT show times window
2007-11-13 987 Fixed : Amt and lyric script settings didn't have scrollbars unless you turned on "Advanced Mouse" in settings
2007-11-12 984 Fixed : Scrollbar was in the wrong spot with the last commit
2007-11-12 983 Added : Media Info view to Music Now Playing
2007-11-12 982 Added : "Media Info 2" view type to Video Library that shows Plot outline with dvd covers (like the AMT script view). Usefull for the Apple Movie Trailers Plugin (maybe others) since Normal Media Info didn't show any info
2007-11-11 980 Updated Plugin settings window
2007-11-08 979 Added : Basics-101 Plugin settings dialog Fixed : Invalid include
2007-11-03 976 Changed : Skinned the system info window for those that use the skin on xbox
2007-10-23 962 Added : a work around for people you couldn't get to filemanager or weather but I would suggest your XBMC is out of date even if you think its not
2007-10-22 961 Initial Commit of the Basics-101 skin
Just added to the SVN
Quote:Revision: 1053
Author: jezz_x
Date: 7:56:54 PM, Wednesday, 5 December 2007
Changed : for want of a better word Media Info 2 view in library is now "Anamorphic" meaning that the layout of the view depends on what the content type is Movies is how it used to be TVShows are wide icons and the default is a square thumbnail useful for music videos and episodes (XBMC SVN 10911 or higher needed to work)

Changed : added a Large icon to the file browser dialog for better being able to see what is there when selecting icons and other images
Modified : /Basics-101/720p/CommonLibraryViewTypes.xml
Modified : /Basics-101/720p/FileBrowser.xml

Here are some screen shots bare in mind this is all 1 view type not 3 seperate ones

Image Image Image

And the Filebrowser


Big Big thanks to jmarshall for implimenting the ability to do it for me
Hello, forgive me is there a setting to change the background image?
I really love this skin Nod
Nah you will just have to download the svn change it then build the skin
The watched arrow moves about a pixel up and right when in Media Info 2, episode thumbnails. Revision 1068 on Xbox.

Well spotted Wink
Cimlite Wrote:The watched arrow moves about a pixel up and right when in Media Info 2, episode thumbnails. Revision 1068 on Xbox.


hahahahaha picky picky
Fixed in the svn though nice spot thanks
Thanks Jezz.....just got round to checking out this skin......It's now my defaultBig Grin

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