Beelink S912 GT1 sound issue with ac3 dolby, dts 5.1 movies
Hello. Kodi 16.1 on Beelink GT1 with android 6.0

When I play some .mkv movie with 5.1 sound (dolby, dts, truehd and etc) the sound has some interruptions.
It is like minipauses (cut off, delays I can't describe them exactly)
The movies that I play are stored on my popcorn hour a110 (access them via samba) which is connected with wire
to the router. I don't have any issue with media files while they are play on popcorn, everything runs perfect.
Beelink is connected to wifi router. Also try connection with wire - no difference, same efect.
When movie is running for a few minutes (10-15) no sound issue. Then those interruptions are appear for 1-2 minutes may be
and then again for a period of time no issue.
I am using passthrough settings using thus guide.

What I should try to clean this problem ?

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Should I remove some plugins, now i have few repository and video plugins like xxxxx, xxxxxx and xxxxx etc.
In settings - system info cpu is about 25-30 % idle
RAM is - 30-40%

With that out of the way the following is an educational lesson for all potential S912 GT1 buyers:

@netaccs, you can join the Non working S912 Beelink GT1 club with...

This guy:

And this one:

You must have missed the review on this device, awarded a D by our very own @hdmkv

And so I don't have to retype everything:
(2016-07-09, 04:44)wrxtasy Wrote: Basically you get what you pay for with Android.

nVIDIA, Amazon, Google and WeTek either upgrade or are in the process of upgrading to Android Marshmallow and API23.
Heck even WeTek in their Core and Hub devices at API22 had all this Audio passthrough sorted out a while ago now. So did MINIX.

For all the rest of the Android devices its purchase new Hardware time and go through the upgrade cycle again, wash, rinse , repeat.
It gets to the point where its just better to spend decent money on Support Android devices in the very first place ! Wink

This is the Exactly the way all these cheap Android box sellers make their money. Dazzle you with tech specs, promise the world, release buggy devices and then make you upgrade regularly.

Buyer beware !

(2016-09-15, 04:57)wrxtasy Wrote: Sigh, I have been trying to warn potential buyers for quite a while now NOT to buy Shiny Brand New AMLogic boxes that run a new Android OS for Android Kodi use only. I get shouted down often too for being too negative, but continue with the warnings.

Sure some things will work, but there will be a whole lot broken as custom versions of Android Kodi are needed to access all the features the SoC provides. These Ship and Forget companies simply do not care. They have your money and that is where it stops.

The major problem with Android AMLogic is no Talented Kodi developer is interested in lining the pockets of all the Pirate Android AMLogic Box sellers with nicely sorted versions of Kodi, all done for free in their own time. I mean why would you want to.

Its only going to get worse with AMLogic Kodi 17.x and versions onwards, especially if care is not taken with Android Firmware and AMLogic Kernel patches to use Kodi standard Application Programming Interfaces (API's)

In the end you get what you pay for in the Android Kodi world.

Solution: is to send the box back from whence it came. I'm serious.
Unsupported Android boxes are not going to get any better Audio wise anytime soon, no one actually cares because its a wasted effort trying to support the hordes of Android devices that are slightly different. There is also no Android Kodi code maintainer at the moment to compound the problem.

Sorry to say but the S912 GT1 is the buggiest Android device going around. There is not even any LibreELEC Kodi support for it
@netaccs, you like others have been hoodwinked and lied to by Marketing of this Android box. Dazzled by Tech specs.
Unfortunately it an all too common problem. Sad

Thank you for the reply.
Unfortunately I missed the GT1 review and all S912
In my case it is very very hard to return the device. In worst case I will try to sell it.

Anyway is there any chance to try some tricky software, plugin, addon ?

Also do you know some website where I can download audio video samples (x264, x265, aac, dolby, dts, truhd ma and etc)
so I can make few audio video tests ?

I think it is not good idea to buy S905 chipset only because supports LibreELEC.
May be I'll wait for better support in s912, until then keep using popcorn hour a110 :-)

Beelink MiniMXIII S905 is a got choice or all beelink have that kind of problem with digital audio ?
Audio and Video Sample files here:

Samples (wiki)

Personally if proper Audio and video playback are a priority do not buy any cheap, unsupported AMLogic Android Kodi box, unless you want to run LibreELEC Kodi.

Really the only hope for S912 owners currently is that 3rd party Firmware that may pop up on the Freaktab website to fix some issue (big maybe):

I read the review on the BeeLink...
Unable to find a S912 without droid 6, have found boxes preloaded with KODI 16 vs 17.

Currently building for friend against my advice a T95ZPlus. I informed him of what community was saying but he was confident in the 5 to 13 min reviews one of which locked up during demo...

In hardware section I asked about two boxes.
My KIII has every port you could want w/4 USB, Aux, SPDIF, 2 WiFi external antenna but I run it off Cat 6. I have MINIMAL issues with the box but it boots slow, shuts down KODI very SLOW, and it's in box GUI is tragic. I could write better outer interface using VB in 1996.

So, do I build a LESS THAN GAME KILLER, i.e. Intel I7 8Gb DDDR3 (for the OS - I know 8 GB not necessary for KODI) strap in a nice video card with decoding for for the 4K formats and 3D capable, a good board with solid built on Ethernet, small SSD for OS x 2 and second larger SSD around 1Tb for hanging on to favorite clips (but never movies)

Building what most people consider Windows PC is only way I can see to increase power as building a Apple based machine means scrapping several of last year's MacBooks and absolutely no support. The only reason I have a i7 MacBook Pro was because someone pawned it to me. After verifying it was not hot I found it had all 3 Apple care plans for 3 years and without Apple Care was a $4,000 laptop. He pawned it forv $100 and never came back. I checked 3 times. It was never reported Stolen. I love it. I'm not going to part it.
BT1 s912 is OK. On MX Player dts, dd5.1 is OK. Problem is Kodi.
No the problem is Beelink have to supply the correct Firmware with Google IEC Audio passthrough support, exactly like nVIDIA, WeTek, MINIX and Xiaomi have already done with their devices.

We are on a Kodi forum here - we do not care too hoots if other Android Apps work or do not work.
S912 users can complain all they want and it will fall on deaf ears because the Root cause of the problem is poor Firmware for Kodi compatibility.

And I'm almost 100% certain Audio issues on Marshmallow S912 boxes will not get fixed either because the cheap Chinese Android box sellers would rather sell you another buggy crap, shiny new Android Box than actually spend time patching and fixing bugs in with current Firmware.
This is exactly how they make money.

(2017-04-20, 11:22)lechu319 Wrote: BT1 s912 is OK. On MX Player dts, dd5.1 is OK. Problem is Kodi.

The problem is the mindset ... or inabilities to read. Choose what you prefer.
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
(2017-04-20, 11:22)lechu319 Wrote: BT1 s912 is OK. On MX Player dts, dd5.1 is OK. Problem is Kodi.
Problem is user
Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting, read this first
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I know that topic is old, but will try to ask something.
Looking this review about Beelink GT1 I see this:
DTS-HD HRA 5.1/7.1 = Fail; no audio
DTS-HD MA 5.1/7.1 = Fail; no audio

When I play something that has DTS HD MA, on receiver I see only DTS.
Is there somehow, anyway, firmware, software to run DTS HD MA ?
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