EPG not working in New Zealand

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I have the latest XTi-3442 vbox running the latest firmware revision

It pickups all the freeview channels ok and I can stream them over my network to various devices.
The problem I'm having is that in the EPG most items show as "string format not supported" so I can't actually tell what is on any of the channels.
This makes the system next to useless :-(

I've contacted support and waiting for a reply.
From the little I could find online it would appear that this is to do with the EPG being encrypted. Why would they sell a box for use in NZ if doesn't actually workConfused

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nickr Offline
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Hello fellow Kiwi.

It wouldn't be the only thing ever sold that doesn't work.

I am not familiar with this device or how it works with kodi. There are however xmltv grabbers available for NZ Freeview if that would help. Let me know and I will point you in the right direction.

A great place to get support for all things geek in NZ would be geekzone.co.nz forums.

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