Few questions from noob
Hey guys, I just ordered Amazon TV with 4k support, so should be a good machine to run Kodi.

I have two questions though.

FIrst of all, I used to have WDTV, it worked well, but eventually started working slower and slower and it was PITA to set up shared folders on my PC. Will I be able to stream media files from PC to Kodi? If yes, is there a guide available for Windows 10? I tried to find one, but couldn't.

Another question, I've seen on youtube that there are Kodi versions availalbe with channels already set up. I guess some users do all customizations with channels and then share those packages with users .Is there section like that here? Or do you know where I could access such a collection? Thanks
For the first question, yes. You can share the files stored on the PC via SMB or upnp and Kodi can access and play them.

For the second question, read this.

Almost all of those YouTube channels are 3rd party and are pushing banned add-ons (wiki) which make use of illegal pirate sources and which violate our forum rules (wiki). We do not supply any media sources with Kodi, you have to provide those yourself ,(it's just a media player).

Apply a little common sense - if someone is offering you stuff (TV shows, channels or movies) for free that you'd normally have to pay to access then it can't be legitimate, can it?

Also see the notes on free content (wiki) and to finish have a look at this blog as well.
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