17.3 Music Playback Issue
I apologize in advance if I should've added to the "music stops prematurely" thread, but this isn't perhaps the same issue.

In the last two or three days, when I try to play a song, the file opens for a fraction of a second. It then pauses and plays a another fraction of a second and then stops.I then get a pop-up that notifies me Kodi had an error and needs to shut down. I checked the event logs and the only thing I see is everything the media scrapers failed to scan. IDK if that's because I don't have "prefer online information" selected, poor tagging (working on that) or something else. Not concerned with that at the moment.

I'm quite the novice on Kodi and diagnostics of it. If there's any settings I need to enable to capture errors, please let me know and I'll report back with any findings. Thanks in advance for any help.
Could you try one of the latest from here?

If still an issue enable debugging and try again after a Kodi restart. Then upload the Debug Log to pastebin.com and give the link.
See Debug Log
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For troubleshooting and bug reporting, read this first
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I will install the latest nightly build, enable debugging and report back. It might not be until tomorrow that I update with results.

Thank you again.
I don't know if I've done it correctly, but this is what the message shows:


What am I seeing in AppData>Roaming>Kodi?


As I'm still learning, I had selected Enable Language Pack Shift-JIS under the mistaken belief that that was how kanji was recognized in file names (I later learned its select Arial fonts). Did it corrupt the information above?

I changed the language pack to Default, and tried playing a song. To my surprise, the entire song played with no issues. However, the cursor was stuck and at the end of the song, the error message of Kodi being shut down appeared.

Again, my thanks and if there's anything else you need, please ask.
banned addons (wiki)

No support here as long as you have some of them installed
Moanbag is in da place!
I think that's that Fusion stuff? I'll get rid of that. I don't use or understand 99% of that stuff. I don't even have an internet connection that's sufficient for streaming video.

To be honest, so many here speak over my head on stuff. I did what likely many did when they first installed Kod-went to YT and saw how many installation tutorials mention Fusion. Not that I think there's a problem with Aeon Nox skin but I even tried that because of it being mentioned so frequently and I don't even use it, anymore. I couldn't really get TV Tunes to work well and I don't think it's banned as much as not supported.

I apologize. I saw the "Pirate Boxes Are Killing Kodi" thread and read it.
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