Req Music library play-count effected by remote track plays (uPnP)

FYI this thread pertains to this request and gives more details:

uPNP | Last-played

Based on my own observations plus a more repeatable finding as detailed in my link above I find that when serving music tracks from its library via uPnP Kodi does not update its music database information for said tracks, i.e. the ' play-count ' and ' last-played ' fields of the track are not modified.

Clearly a local play of a library music track within Kodi triggers an event with an action to perform this update while a request for a track via uPnP does not.

I believe there is a value to adding this trigger/event as a feature for when tracks are consumed via uPnP for the reason of smart playlists.

For example, my scenario explains:

I make extensive use of smart playlists, in particular using the last-played field within them to try to get fresh playlists when listening to music. I will have smart-playlists for example that will not play tracks that have been played with the last 14 days.
I tend to make equal use of my Kodi instance itself for playing my music as well as consuming my library remotely via various devices which access my Kodi library via uPNP.

When making extended use of the latter (remote access) I am aware that each track I am listening to is not be marked as played in the Kodi library and so the usage of the 'last-played' element within my smart-playlist are ineffectual due to this.

Having uPnP served tracks update the database can only be a worthwhile thing I believe as it is ensuring an more accurate dataset is in use within the database.

Hope you agree and consider the addition of this feature.

Kind regards,


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Music library play-count effected by remote track plays (uPnP)0
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