MythTV XBMC script xTV skin?

Im trying to setup a tv server using mythbuntu ( and the myth tv plugin for xbmc.

As far as i know there is no xtv skin for this plugin.

Any chance that somebody could either make a skin for this or point me in the direction of how to make one.

The answer depends what you mean by the Mythtv plugin.
If you are referring to the myth//: functionality that is now built in to XBMC then its fairly easy to edit "TV Shows" to TV in the languages file and to then point this button to the mythtv share. The only issue then is that non of the xTV views let you see channel icon, channel name and current show description. I did some work to add a view to display this as per this post: but there was no response and in general there doesn't seem to be much interest in getting xTV to work well with the new mythtv functionality, which is a shame as its still my favorite skin and the modifications wouldn't require much work.
If you want my modifications to work with myth//: then best thing would be to PM me and I'll e-mail you the whole skin as cant remember now all the changes i made. ( Note the mythtv view in videos only works in 720p didnt modify 4:3 as I don't use it.
On the other hand if you are talking about the Mythtv python plugin then I also made some modifications for xTV to work with this. You can find details of this in the sourceforge forum, my original files were hosted at but these became outdated when the skin changed and I believe dteirney updated the files elsewhere.
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