Linux - No lfe channel with freesurround

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Hello, i am using a libreelec latest kodi 17 build with asus xonar audio pcie card.
Audio is set for 5.1 analog outputs, and its lack of subwoofer channel when i use it for stereo signal expanding to surround.All channels are working great with good audio quality, but no lfe.With dts or ac3 sound all channels work as should.
I changed setting inside the xml file for bassredirection for true and set low 20.00000 and high cutoff for 120.00000 and my sub doesnt pick up any signal.
When i changed a setting like Lowcutoff 200.0000 and high cutoff 900.00000 i have a signal for sub but then sound from front full range speakers is really limited from what i undestand 200-900 hz frequency.
Is someone have this problem too? Please help.
I really like the surround sound from audiodsp and analog outs, its far superior to my crappy emotiva umc-1 prologic processor.I cant wait for some room correction plugins...

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