Feature Request, additional library views.

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Feature Request, additional library views.

This skin is my favorite in terms of speed and aesthetics.

I wish that it had as many view layouts as the titan Skin, so many different layouts to view your library with, they must have had like 20 different views, including one similar to netflix.
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You should try being a little more specific about what sorts of views you are after or what things you are wanting to appear on screen if you have some ideas beyond "more". More doesn't equal better. Wink

In the interim, if you haven't already, grab my SexyCirrus expansion and chuck that on. That provides "more" for the time being. Smile

Offer some direction or ideas and reference other skins if you want. Just don't ask for some view that exists in another skin to come across to this one, open source or not, designs and ideas aren't for appropriation.

High horse rant over. Smile
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