The best way to disable Kodi TAB button in Retroplayer builds
Hi there, I posted this over at the retroplayer section on LibreElec, but as yet got no response. Maybe this forum is more suited to this type of question?

I have the MAME emulator running within the lrusak development Libreelec builds of Koid+retroplayer.
When in the MAME game, i try to push tab on the keyboard in order to remap the PS3 controller buttons, but kodi flips back to the kodi interface
I'm guessing it is because retro player is just like any other content now, and tab flips it forward/back.

Is there anyway to change/remove the tab button, and stop it interfering with the MAME emulator tab function?

Cheers Nathan
Given that we use the same API as RetroArch, my first question is usually: how does RetroArch do it?

The way that our input system works is that by default, cores only get joystick input. That way, arcade cabinets like the X-Arcade Tankstick that use keyboard drivers can be used to control MAME as if they were joysticks.

Alternatively, a core like DOSBox can request keyboard input directly without transforming it into joystick input. However, this means that the Tankstick will send gibberish keypresses instead of joystick commands.

Have you tried remapping PS3 controller buttons using the built-in controller configuration dialog? Note that accelerometers currently screw things up. Try holding the controller really still I guess? Let me know how that goes, and if that doesn't work we can look for other solutions.
Hi there, thanks for the response. I think I am making progress.

I've looked at the remapping of controller buttons in the nice interface, but it seems to be for mapping where the buttons are, not for assigning commands.

I managed to get Kodi to stop reacting to <tab> when playing a MAME game.
I achieved this by duplicating the keyboard.xml from /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps to /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps and blanking out the <tab> mapping using

What I'm trying to figure out is when playing MAME fullscreen emulator how to pass a <tab> event from the keyboard to the MAME emulator.
This would bring up the MAME emulator keyboard configuration, where you can reassign controller buttons to different MAME commands.

keyboard.xml seems to be for defining what a keybaord does when in normal Kodi (not in an emulator)
joystick.xml seems to define how a controller behaves when in normal Kodi (not in an emulator)

Button and Actions seem to be Kodi specific commands, not something i can get to talk to the MAME emulator.



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The best way to disable Kodi TAB button in Retroplayer builds0
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