Mod DialogAlbumInfo for MQ7
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- script.extendedinfo
- (only ver. 1.0.100)

- Internet online

Download ver. 002:

1. Backup original files in 1080i folder: DialogAlbumInfo.xml, includes.xml
2. Unpack ZIP file to skin.aeonmq7\1080i folder
3. Add to file includes.xml (line 65) code
PHP Code:
<include file="JB_Includes.xml"/> 
4. Restart KODI

Enjoy. Big Grin

File "JB_Includes.xml" is compatible with MOD JB-Similar-Artist in music visualization for MQ7

MODDED (MQ7 1.4.0 Jarvis)

Fixed: Small issues in layout
Been removed script.artistslideshow (only works when playing music. Gets graphics for playing artist)

-- from library
-- or from script.extendedinfo
-- or from script.extendedinfo fanart as thumb
- support for multi baners, path to CustomMusicLogoPath/artist/extrafanart/banner/
- or from path CustomMusicLogoPath/artist/banner.jpg
- or from script.extendedinfo
- or fanart as banner
- or from script.extendedinfo fanart as banner
- or from script.extendedinfo thumb as banner
- or reserve from path special://skin/backgrounds/extras/settings_music.jpg
- support for multi logos, path to CustomMusicLogoPath/artist/extrafanart/logo/
- or from path CustomMusicLogoPath/artist/logo.png
- or from script.extendedinfo
A list of albums:
- mark of the local album
- from script.extendedinfo
- or reserve cdart_1.png
- the number of albums
- CD from script.extendedinfo
- animation CD selected album
- zoom (album, cover, CD, description)
Information about downloading from the Internet (albums,mostloved track, youtube)
Information about downloading similar artists from library
Zoom (albums,mostloved track, youtube and similar artists)
(...)Big Grin

ver. 002:

Fixed: Wrong displaying zoom album for album level
I really like your "Similar Artists mod" so I thought I would try this one. I followed your instructions......
Where do I go to get this view?
Sorry for the probably obvious question.

Context Menu --> Album Info

Great work JB! Like it!
In any view of the artist or album.
You select an album or artist and you press the button I

Thank you!
In the first post additional description Rofl
Very nice, did it works with MQ7 krypton version ? Thanks.
Works very well! Thank you!
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Mod - DialogAlbumInfo , very nice and it works beautifully.
Thank you! Blush
I have not tested the MOD with MQ7 krypton version.Sad

Thank you! Blush

Thank you! Blush
Sorry but do I need to add <include file="JB_Includes.xml"/> ?
(2016-11-30, 15:09)Dhop84 Wrote: Sorry but do I need to add <include file="JB_Includes.xml"/> ?
Yes. You need to add <include file="JB_Includes.xml"/> in file includes.xml (line 65).
See the first post.
Can u please tell me which font u hv used?
(2016-12-01, 07:39)VikkiXavier Wrote: Can u please tell me which font u hv used?
This is my font additionally installed (Rajdhain Medium).
(2016-12-01, 08:58)JohnyBee Wrote:
(2016-12-01, 07:39)VikkiXavier Wrote: Can u please tell me which font u hv used?
This is my font additionally installed (Rajdhain Medium).

Thank you. This font is the sweetest. Smile
in which context do the last 3 images of imgur in first post appear?

Furthermore... when I'm in the dialog album info page and press twice the "down arrow" button on airmouse, the page including cover, spinning discart and description appears. The problem is that the page is referred not to the current album, but probably to the last one previously visited. I suppose there is something wrong!

is there someone of you who has the same behaviour?

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