v17 Go to series level broken
Hi there,

When trying to use the context menu entry "Go to Series Level" I get the following error:
05:51:33 T:14548 ERROR: Window Translator: Can't find window video
05:51:33 T:14548 ERROR: Activate/ReplaceWindow called with invalid destination window: Video

If I had to guess, the shortcut hasn't been updated to use ActivateWindow(Videos,..) which is required for Krypton now.

It works fine in Jarvis.
That is not a core function afaik
i couldn't find any reference to it either in core...

perhaps it comes from a context menu addon?
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Hmm, I don't know. I see it both in aeon nox and mimic (for next up episodes). I'm just reporting because one of our emby users noticed it wasn't working. It's not an emby thing, it's not a skin thing, it's not a core thing... where the heck does it come from heh Smile
Seems it from script.skin.helper.service: https://github.com/marcelveldt/script.sk...gs.po#L308
Indeed, thanks for investigating!
OP, you're pretty much right actually.

In Krypton, you just need to edit this file

And change the line:
xbmc.executebuiltin("ActivateWindow(Video,%s,return)" %path)

xbmc.executebuiltin("ActivateWindow(Videos,%s,return)" %path)

(ie: add the "s" to "Video")

I'd submit it as an issue to the github repo, but it looks like that functionality has been recently removed anyhow.
Yes, this was removed already and moved to the appropiate location. Version on Kodi repo will be updated shortly.
Hi guys

Haven't been able to find much info about this so I'm bumping this thread since it was one of the only places I could find that discusses this option

Running Kodi 17.1 and estuary skin I can't seem to find this "go to series level" option, like there used to be in Jarvis.

From the above comments it sounds like it was moved from an addon into Kodi proper, so should I expect ti see it in estuary or do I need to add some addon?
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Ugh. I am so frustrated without this option. Any help on how to restore it in Krypton is greatly appreciated!!

UPDATE:  When you have a problem, try and solve it yourself Smile

After trying to edit the addon based on what triddin outlined in this thread, I found out that the latest version of the script.skin.helper.service addon had been completely re-written for Kodi 17 (Krypton) and no longer had this file within it, nor did it even offer this feature anymore.

I then tracked down the last version which did (v1.0.100) and made the suggested changes to it and found that it indeed did the trick!  But I was concerned that some other functionality may be compromised, as there must be a reason for the complete re-write of the addon for Krypton -- and indeed there is.  I found that skins such as "Phenomenal" require the latest version of the script.skin.helper.service addon (along with some additional helper addons) in order to work properly.

So I've re-written support for the "Go to Series Level" option back into the latest version of addon!!

Updated January 2018:  Added additional "Search in Exodus" contextual menu option for movies and tv shows! (requires Exodus v4.2.01+)

You can download my modified version of the addon here (now based on the current v1.1.3 release in Krypton): https://github.com/ouija/script.skin.helper.service

Thanks to triddin for the actual fix, and to marcelveldt, the original author of the plugin!
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