Android How to add Visualizations?
I've just purchased my first Android TV Box, and I can't seem to find any information on where to obtain music visualizations for Kodi.
Version 16.1 only includes one visualization (Spectrum), and does not show any options to add additional ones.
Version 17.0 beta5 includes no visualizations, and clicking the "Add" button gives no options. Is there an ARM visualization repository somewhere?

I found some references to the following visualizations for Kodi:

My old Xbox (XBMC) had amazing Milkdrop visualizations which I was hoping to see in Kodi. I've googled for it and read that ProjectM is a reimplementation of Milkdrop for OpenGL, which has been ported to to ARM and OpenGL ES 2.0 for iOS and Android, but I could only find a stand-alone version of this on Google Play. Has no one ported this over to Kodi yet? Back in the Xbox days the visualizations were the most stunning feature in XBMC, but it appears people have forgotten about this over the years, or perhaps they only use it to play movies and not music?
Visualisation is supplied via Kodi add-ons. Have you looked there?
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Under Jarvis (ARM) none of the available Music add-ons appear to be visualizations, and under Krypton (ARM) the "Get More" option shows nothing at all.

I also tried installing the older Isngard (ARM) release which had both the Spectrum and Waveform visualizations built in, but I did not find any others under add-ons.

Perhaps I'm overlooking something as I'm a newb to Android Kodi.
Visualizations are mostly platform-specific. What that means is that all the fancy visualizations are working on Windows, but NOT on Android....
I understand why the original Milkdrop visualizations were platform specific (due to being DirectX only), but ProjectM is an is an implementation of MilkDrop using OpenGL, and in 2011 it was ported to OpenGL ES 2 for ARM, and released under the GNU LGPL.

I've read that ProjectM was put in as the default visualizer in XBMC in the past, but was never ported to the ARM version of Kodi for some reason. Apparently the ProjectM developers were only interested in creating a stand-alone version.
(2016-10-31, 06:01)nickr Wrote: Visualisation is supplied via Kodi add-ons. Have you looked there?

This would be my advice. Go to the Kodi Repository/Look and Feel under Add-Ons and see if you have a Visualization folder. If not, they may not be available for Android. They are, however, for LibreElec.
visualization.projectm has indeed, as mike ehlert points out, never been ported to gles on the kodi side. the library supports it however, so it's "just" some glue missing.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. ironic_monkey's response prompted me to submit this as a feature request.
So no one knows how to add more?
(2017-01-03, 04:48)mocity bo Wrote: So no one knows how to add more?

If you mean for Android [ARM], none of the fancy ones are supported. It might be helpful if you provide feedback on the feature request I submitted to let the developers know that people want to see the ProjectM virtualizations supported on this platform.
I use ProjectM Pro on an Nvidia Shield and play SoundCould tracks on Kodi... While it plays I open ProjectM Visualizations... Perfect for music on any Android I've ever used.

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