What next for recording after Vbox TV Gateway PVR client
Guys.. where to next?

Have set up VBox TV Gateway PVR client app, and streaming Live TV fine onto the Kodi GUI, but how do you set up the recording side?

What am I missing here?

I'd like to record the files onto a NAS drive because my Kodi Box is small (libreELEC and won't take anything bigger than a 120GB drive)

Can someone please post a "How to" because the instruction on Vbox website are like 2014 and only mention "Simple IPTV PVR app) or something..

Same with the official Vbox Kodi wiki.. it like stops at this stage...

Hi @wappinghigh
In Kodi recording is called timer, once you have setup the recording path on the VBox web admin page - under Streaming --> Manage Recording
You can either press the Red recording button when watching a live program
Or you can go to the Guide and press on any program and set a timer to record a future program

A quick guide is available here - Add-on:VBox_TV_Gateway_PVR_Client (wiki)
Sorted. Thanks!
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What next for recording after Vbox TV Gateway PVR client00