WIP -  Improved VBox TV Gateway PVR add-on - Kodi 17 Beta 5
Issues with nightly Kodi 17 after 2016-12-14 - 4547804 , not sure if the add-on or kodi issues

so posted here:

Solved on latest Kodi 17 nightly,(17/01/07)
Hi guys

I've just started using this addon with Kodi running on my Nvidia Shield TV and it works pretty well.

However, it's really missing a series link record option, the only option is one off recordings. Is there any way to get it to record series links?

How about having something to control channel order - some kind of xml file?
Having more than one kodi instance is just a pain, as no kodi instance will have a channel order matching any other, so using JSON to set channels is pointless.

Setting the channel options in the add-on does nothing, it's basically at the whim of the kodi instance.
Can you not set the channel order via the VBox web UI and then set all instances of Kodi to use the channel order from the VBox in the Kodi PVR settings? I think that should ddo what you're after.

Anyone know how to get channel artwork into Kodi? And I'm still unable to do series links in Kodi, I'm having to use the VBox web UI to set series links, which isn't ideal.
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Improved VBox TV Gateway PVR add-on - Kodi 17 Beta 500