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Streaming from Solo2 to Kodi on Amazon Fire Issue
I am able to stream from my Solo2 box to my Kodi install on my Acer Revo perfectly fine however when performing the same action on my Kodi install on the Amazon Fire TV (not stick), then I run in to some issues - which I'm hoping someone on here can help with.

I can view channel list, EPG, recordings etc perfectly fine but the problems lie during playback. In SD - when watching fast moving shows, such as the football, I notice excessive tearing. I have enabled deinterlacing however the issue remains. It doesn't render it unwatchable however it would be nice for a smooth picture. When wathing any HD stream - the video is 100% unwatchable. Very very jittery however audio remains unaffected. I'm not even sure where to begin with this. At first I wasn't sure if the Amazon Fire TV box was capable of processing the stream somehow however I can watch 1080p movies from my server perfectly fine. My Amazon Fire, Acer Revo and Solo2 are connected to the same gigabit network using Cat6 cabling.

Hoping someone can help!

Streaming from Solo2 to Kodi on Amazon Fire Issue00