Many videos I have don't scrape because they aren't on any database. I'd like Kodi to add them regardless, using their filename as title. So there's a scraper that does that, and this is the code:

<CreateSearchUrl dest="3" clearbuffers="no">
        <RegExp dest="3" output="&lt;url&gt;$$7&lt;/url&gt;" input="$$7">
            <RegExp dest="7" output="\1" input="$$1">
                <expression noclean="1" trim="1">(.+)</expression>
            <expression noclean="1"></expression>
    <GetSearchResults dest="8" clearbuffers="no">
        <RegExp dest="8" output="&lt;results sorted=&quot;yes&quot;&gt;\1&lt;/results&gt;" input="$$5">
            <RegExp dest="5" output="&lt;entity&gt;&lt;title&gt;\1&lt;/title&gt;&lt;url&gt;$$7&lt;/url&gt;&lt;/entity&gt;" input="$$1">
                <expression noclean="1" trim="1">&lt;title&gt;([^"]*)\-\sYahoo Search</expression>
            <expression noclean="1"></expression>
    <GetDetails dest="3" clearbuffers="no">
        <RegExp dest="3" output="&lt;details&gt;\1&lt;/details&gt;" input="$$5">
            <RegExp dest="5+" output="&lt;title&gt;\1&lt;/title&gt;" input="$$1">
                <expression noclean="1" trim="1">&lt;title&gt;(.+)\s\-\sYahoo Search Results&lt;/title&gt;</expression>
            <expression noclean="1" trim="1"></expression>

I'd like to merge this into the code of either tmdb.xml or universal.xml, so that I have one scraper that gets most movies with, and then uses the one above for when TMDB can't match the filename with anything. I don't know where to put it, though. If I do it at the top, it takes priority over TMDB to the point were TMDB is not used at all, and if I put it at the very end it gets ignored.

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