v17 Linux - projectM when background music visualizations enabled in menus
Fedora 24 (and also Arch Linux running in VirtualBox)

I recently compiled the projectM visualization for Kodi 17.0b5. Kodi either freezes or crashes when I allow the visualization to run in the background of the menu. If I disable this, the visualization will run fine. When the menus are just plain, no visualization, everything works. This only seems to occur with projectM. Other visualizations run fine in the menu background and do not cause a problem for Kodi.

I have been trying to capture the error in a log but the logging is not capturing the errors I need. I have the debug logging enabled. Is there any other component logging that I have to enable to get the visualization errors to show up?

Thanks for any help. For now, I'll just leave the background visuals turned off.
Just seeing this thread. Sorry, I can't help you figure this out, but I have been having the same problem for a few different versions of LibreElec (and OpenElec) when using ProjectM and I attempt to call up the OSD settings in Aeon MQ7. Kodi reboots every time. I've learned to turn off ProjectM before making setting changes and afterwards turning it back on.

Would love to see this corrected. Thx.
providing crashlogs with full stack trace might give a clue
(2016-11-18, 10:54)wsnipex Wrote: providing crashlogs with full stack trace might give a clue

What's the best way to post that or allow you to look at it wsnipex? I tried posting the entire log but got a "too long" error.

I did see this at line 70&71:

Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
#0  0x00007f0066f8dd51 in PCM::addPCMfloat(float const*, int) () from /storage/.kodi/addons/visualization.projectm/visualization.projectm.so.1.0.17
use paste.ubuntu.com or equivalent.
(2016-11-19, 10:23)ironic_monkey Wrote: use paste.ubuntu.com or equivalent.



please try https://github.com/notspiff/visualizatio...729dd231be
Not sure what to do with these. Execute them? I am in LibreElec and unsure how to do that.
you will need a new build of the add-on with that commit included.
Ah...thank you i_m. I'm very grateful for the help but (as-yet) too inexperienced to perform that task. I'll need to look into this a bit more...

I do see from your fix description what you are doing by allowing audio from one source while graphics changes by another. Makes sense. Thanks.
which build are you running?
i meant libreelec wise. anyways, i cannot really help you in with that in any case. i just know millhouse usually is responsive to requests is all.
Ah... it's le 7.0.2. Thanks i_m. As long as I know the work-around (turn off pM beofre changing OSD settings) this is an annoyance more than anything.

I'm deciding to lock in to this le version and corresponding MQ7 Jarvis, as it allows me to run my Music library as I like it and use the visualizations I want. Every time I've tried to move forward I find features missing or no longer working, so I went back. My skills are not sophisitcated enough to fix the engines...just the hubcaps Smile
Sorry I took so long to provide a backtrace. I just ran this on my Arch VM and got this crash. I hope that it is relevant.


I built the plugin about 30 minutes ago so I think that those changes were included.

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Linux - projectM when background music visualizations enabled in menus0
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