Linux Glitches with "Adjust display refresh rate to match video"
When I use "Adjust display refresh rate to match video", I'm getting glitches a few seconds after starting a video.

I play a video, my TV screen blanks and then adjusts to the new refresh rate. Then, a couple of seconds later, it does it again - interrupting the video for a few seconds. If I turn off the setting, the screen doesn't flicker - but, of course, some videos are a little juddery.

It's like the Kodi is only detecting the FPS *after* it starts playing - if that makes sense?

I've tried playing with the settings which pause the video for a few seconds when a frame rate change is detected - but that didn't seem to stop the problem.

My playback chain is: Asrock 330 ION running LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.0.2 > HDMI > Onkyo Receiver > HDMI > Panasonic TV.

The Onkyo is set to pass-through the video signal without processing it. Similarly, the TV has all adjustments turned off.

Any idea how I fix this issue? Hopefully without buying new kit!
That's something for the libreelec forum. We are near v17 already and v16 only bugs are not fixed anymore. You can come back with a Debug Log from a Milhouse build.
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@edent, I am having the exact same issue running LE on an Asus Chromebox, which is running Kodi v17.0-beta7, and I also have an Onkyo receiver (but a Samsung TV). I did not have these problems with OE running Kodi v16. I've posted in the LE forum here:
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Glitches with "Adjust display refresh rate to match video"00
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