v17 replaygain doesn't seem to be working
(2017-03-17, 17:17)jjd-uk Wrote: Any replaygain issues should probably be raised on trac with clear description, sample file, and log file then assigned to Fernetmenta.
True. But it could be quicker to talk to me clearly instead.

(2017-03-17, 17:44)Gracus Wrote:
(2017-03-17, 17:03)DaveBlake Wrote: Anyone got a technical reference as to how replaygain is intended to work?

Thanks, as it happens I was just looking at that.

I now have some doubts about the removal of the old “avoidClipping” setting. Generally when stream amplification is applied the ActiveAE implicitly has clipping protection, but I am not sure that a peak value other than 1.0 means that the user wants the replaygain applied as stream amplification in the way that @FernetMenta implemented it.

It could be good for Kodi to always enforce some kind of clipping protection, but give the user the choice of if that is done using "audio limiting" or using "reduced gain".

In v16 the optional clipping protection was a "reduced gain" approach

if (abs(peak * replaygain) > 1.0)
replaygain = 1.0 / abs(peak);

But I have questions if that is correct either, it is not quite what as the HydrogenAudio article says.
But how is "audio limiting" to be applied?

I can see though that what v17 does, simply using replaygain as a stream amplification whenever peak is not 1, is not going to give users the volume adjustment that they want, or that works in the way other players use the replaygain and peak tag values.

The solution to this is probably simple, I just don't quite get it (yet).

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