v17 replaygain doesn't seem to be working
(2017-03-18, 09:19)DaveBlake Wrote:
(2017-03-17, 22:32)John R Leddy Wrote:
(2017-03-17, 19:45)DaveBlake Wrote: True. But it could be quicker to talk to me clearly instead.
Point taken, but as the necessary ReplayGain user options haven't been implemented yet, these actions aren't a requirement.
Odd attitude John. I came along this morning with the intention of trying to solve this issue, now I feel quite unlike doing so.

Of course users are not "required" to raise Trac issues, and reciprocally no one on the dev team is "required" to implement or fix anything, or provide support. You go on to state what you think users require, do you think that means someone will be motivated do anything about what you want?

What Kodi needs most right now is friendly collaboration: the dev team is tiny, the user base is vast. There is no place for an attitude of entitlement, which is how your tone sounded to me.

Fernet knows most about the player, but does not watch the forum, so a clearly stated Trac issue is the best way to get his attention. JJD was giving good advise. I understand how hard it can be to express problems clearly, and how a Trac ticket that isn't clear can just linger, so I was just offering to help out.

No attitude on my part mate. Obviously I have no control over how you choose to perceive my comments, but rest assured they're pretty straightforward and matter-of-fact to me.

Maybe it's just a clash of personalities, as that's exactly the same thing I thought about your comments concerning people moaning. I didn't get that at all myself, but as they say, Life would be boring if we were all the same. I thought maybe you were overly tired and just moved on myself.

I was being polite when I stated, "...these actions aren't a requirement." Truth is, we can't log anything of relevance for something which hasn't been coded yet.

I'm at a loss to comprehend why you chose to twist my opinions and suggestions into some sort of personal assault. Your "attitude of entitlement" statement, in my opinion, is way over the top and uncalled for. I certainly wasn't as rude as that to you. What am I saying? I wasn't rude to you at all!

My suggestions were offered in good faith. If you choose to jump to conclusions I have no control over that, but do you not think it's just a shade paranoid to see the worst in another's post? To me it's only obvious there will be communicative misunderstandings, so better to ask for clarification prior to accusing another of something which may have been unintended by the author, or simply imagined by the reader.

I have no ambition to motivate others to implement these changes as they're of no consequence to myself but, in my opinion, these options would further enhance the usability of the application.

I hope this clarifies things for you.


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