v17 replaygain doesn't seem to be working
John, whatever your intentions in practice you have just communicated to me that you think I am both rude and paranoid. Oh well. You can just shrug that off as my perception, clash of personalities, not in your control etc. but I provide it as useful feedback as you say that you want to communicate clearly.

(2017-03-18, 10:48)John R Leddy Wrote: I was being polite when I stated, "...these actions aren't a requirement." Truth is, we can't log anything of relevance for something which hasn't been coded yet.
You seem confused. The things being discussed in this thread have been implemented previously and then that implementation changed in v17. It is not a discussion of new feature requirements, and it would only confuse matters to turn it into one. A Trac ticket could have been raised.

The situation is this: I am the only dev with any interest in music. If users want fixes and improvements to music in Kodi then they need to do what they can to make it as easy and enjoyable for me as possible. It is not about pandering to my sensitivity or needs, just about practicality. I am one man verses a mountain. I genuinely like to help folks, but people also need to be realistic and collaborate when they can.

So what I want to communicate, not be rude to anyone or paranoid or over the top, is that practically some users need to behave differently if they want to help Kodi to move forwards. Just moaning it is broken without details, or come to that listing requirements, when the available resources to work on it are limited is not very productive.

Meanwhile because there is a glimmer of getting something fixed for 17.1 I am trying to do so.

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