v17 replaygain doesn't seem to be working
(2017-03-18, 21:01)jjd-uk Wrote: We already have the pre-amp settings don't we?

Admittedly I don't understand any of this replaygain stuff but isn't that what is in Player -> Music

Files with RepalyGain information - level in dB
Files without RepalyGain information - level in dB

Only difference we seem to have an absolute dB measure while foobar seems to be relative.

yes its the same, 0db in foobar is 89db, same as in kodi.

I installed the Test Build, and searched for the 2 Albums with the greatest AlbumGain differenz in my collection
the Songs "God Wanna" have a AlbumGain -0,46db and "I Like Dirt" -12.61db, (both from Original CDs Ripped, by me, wtf Music Industrie. . Rolleyes ) you can grab them here if you want https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9bSf6...WRnVDAtbkE
and I can Confirm ReplayGain is Working again. its easy to recognize a 12db Differenz Tongue

about Clipping, im on Fernetmenta side
99% of the Music CD's are recorded louder than 89db, the RaplayGain Standard, so ReplayGain Analyze the file and set the Peak, then the gain is reduced as necessary to avoid clipping, so in 99% there is no chance for Clipping
I have 12967 files in Foobar, and 512 have a +gain, most are some hidden tracks with noise or so stuff.
The Point of ReplayGain is the all my Music plays at the same db, IF there is a reason to avoid Clipping, I Would prefer Fernetmenta method, because if we reduce the gain across the entire Song again, I need to raise my Volume for that Song, and lower it again on the next Song Smile

Request/Suggestion at the End...

It would be Pretty cool if we could do something like the "ReplayGain Override" plugin for Foobar,
If you listen to a Album(s) in the normal Play Order it use AlbumGain,
but if you Play a playlist or playing a few Albums in Random mode it use the TrackGain

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