v17 replaygain doesn't seem to be working
(2017-05-26, 20:12)DaveBlake Wrote: So it was a tagging issue, I win the bet with myself Smile

Kodi supports a variety of music file and tag formats, and replay gain in most of them (inc APEv2), I just gave ID3 v2.4 as an example. See http://kodi.wiki/view/Music_tagging#Tags_Kodi_reads. Mixing tag formats within a file is not so smart, stick to one format, if you have both APE and ID3 tags the you need to tell Kodi to look at the APE ones as well, so better just not to mix.

Sounds like MP3Gain is not going to add tags for you nicely so use something else.

I don't know if ID3 v2.3 supports replay gain, I suspect not (but someone correct me).

Consistent and comprehensive tagging is good for the soul Smile
But pick a rainy day (today being the best summer's day so far this year).

Slighly offtopic but still closely related: My main music collection is 100% cuesheet + single-file flac images. The flac images are untagged, all the metadata is in the cuesheets. This works great for my needs (3400 albums, many of which are 24 bit). Now I started to delve into replaygain. I looked at the the link that @DaveBlake provided above, there is no reference to cuesheets there. I wanted to understand whether Kodi is able to read Track and Album gain from cuesheets. I am considering adding replay gain to my cuesheets (both Album and Track)

I found this old thread where @jmarshall made some related comments: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=18814
It seems that kodi's cuesheet parser is able to read the replaygain tags in the cuesheet, but I am not clear if those will then be inserted in the database and actually used. Anyone has any experience with this type of scenario? would replaygain work if the tags are in cuesheets?

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