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Hi I am using Openelec 6.03 on RPi 2.

Some music artists, I think which scraper can not find a picture of, are all the same picture and of course they are incorrect. I could not understand why and I could not fix by any kind of music database scan.

Your helps should be appreciated.
You can add your own 'folder.jpg' to the Artist folder (a square image).

I use MediaElch to scrape my collection and found some were not found for two reasons:
Artist name was misspelled - easy fix
Artist was not popular (I.e. Nothing existed in their web search) - do your own Google image search and save the file.

MediaElch also creates nfo files (including MusicBrainzID which some add-ons require) which Kodi will scrape. These can be manually edited too.
Is this common wrong picture located somewhere on your system? Is it of an artist? Most likely it is and your folder hierarchy has resulted in that location being identified by Kodi as the artist folder for a number of different artists.

Need some more information about the image, your folder structure where your music files are stored, and in particular for the artists with the wrong image what music you have with then as either album artists or song artists. Are they also on compilation albums and where are they in your folders?
This is a picture of John Cale

My folder structure is determined by Itunes. There is a music folder, under it artists and albums and songs. I am using Itunes archive on my pc also for Kodi. Compialtion albums are all various artists as album artists, so I don't think the problem is about compilation albums.

Also I used mysql database for videos and musics.
I think what is happening is similar to this

Do you have any music by John Cale? That is either albums or just songs with him as an artist on albums by other people or a compilation. I assume John Cale appears in the artist node, use that to see what songs Kodi associates with him. Exactly where are those songs in your folder structure.

Do the same for an artist that is showing John Cale's image.

I need the specific example. It may be generally MyMusic/artist/album/songfile01mp3 but I need to know for all the songs that Kodi is finding for both John Cale, and an example problem artist.
Yes I Have some music by John Cale.Artist and Album artist names and album artist names are Lou Reed / John Cale for one album and Lou Reed, Hohn Cale&Nico for another album. Compilation is not ticked on tags. Those songs are in Music/Lou Reed_John Cale/Songs for Drella/01 Smalltown.mp3 All the songs are the same format.

And there are so many "problem" artists, since there is not much information about Turkish artists scrapers. For example Kamil Erdem is a "problem" artist.

The location of songs are Music/Kamil Erdem/Bir Bas Masali/Karadeniz.m4a

Also I have thinked before this is about.nfo files and at I had deleted all the nfo files by Windows search

Is it enough for you?
I think that is enough information to tell me that my suspicions about what is hapening are correct.

The facility for Kodi to load local images for an artist, from file called folder.jpg, depends upon the artist having a unique folder beneath which all the songs for that artist can be found. When all albums are by one artist this is fine e.g.





Here all the songs for artistA have music/artistA in common and Kodi looks there for art (or NFO files)

But say we also have

Music/artistB_artistC/album1/song1... for songs on an album by both artistB and artistC

What will the common folder be for songs by artistB?

It will be the root folder "Music".

Where is the file with the image of John Cale? In Music/ ?

Now if you have Musicbrainz ids (if the artist is known to Musicbrainz) then the artwork can be fetched from online sources. Otherwise Kodi tries to find local art, and the attempt to locate a common folder for the artist can produce the results you get.

Do you follow this explanation? It will be hard for me to describe how to work around this if you do not.
As far as I understood, Kodi is confused which picture to use, Lou Reed or John Cale or maybe Nico. I checked musicbrainz id John Cale has musicBrainz id, Lou Reed, John Cale & Nico has id but Kodi has not added Lou Reed / John Cale as an artist to database. The ids are all different bu the way.

Also I am using Kodi at Rpi and all the music files are on PC. I have not coinceded with this picture on my PC. But I have found it on Rpi.

You decide ehteher I can follow your explanation or not.

And Thank you for your help and time.
Kodi will use any folder.jpg in what it determines as the common folder for the artist. The weakness is in how it determines this common folder: when you have albums with multiple album artists, and also albums by one or more of those artists alone off in a separate folder, the algorthim finds the root folder, possibly on the Pi, as the only thing in common.

It is good that Kodi has not taken "Lou Reed / John Cale" as a single artist, they are separate artists that have collaborated.
I am not sure what you mean by "The ids are all different bu the way".

However all I can suggest to stop getting John Cale everywhere, is that you ensure there are no folder.jpg files on the root folder of the Pi i.e. where you found that image. Alternatively you will need to come up with a different folder structure for that music, it is often hard to find a compromise. I hope to fix this in Kodi for v18, but this is at least a known issue.

Then for the artists with missing images you can add them manually one at a time from the Artist Info dialog.
I mean id of Lou Reed, John Cale and Lou Reed, John Cale & Nico are all different.

There are no files on root of Rpi, they are all in folders. What do you mean by root folder at openelec?

Also there are no files at my music folder of PC, they are all under subfolders.

The file I found is under storage/.kodi/thumbnails/3/3ccfa3e9.jpg so it is not folder.jpg.
This is where fixing this issue could become frustrating for both of us.

As for the root folder on the Pi, I was translating some experiences with Linux. I am not sure with OpenElec what folder it will use when it fails to find a common folder for all the artist's songs. I use LibreElec so have no way to test it, but with Linux it was an unexpected location.

So you have found the John Cale thumbnail, but Kodi will have got that image from somewhere. Perhaps you can use the facts I have given you about how Kodi finds a common folder to locate this original image? Or did you scrape artist images from online sources? But to be honest finding the image only gets us part of the way.

You have "John Cale & Nico" as a single artist, and "John Cale and Lou Reed" as another? I am wondering if you have a mix up with artist names and muisicbrainz ids too. Of itself I don't think this would cause the image issue, but it isn't the best way to be. Are these the album artists on a collaborative abum? Are they tagged with musicbrainz Ids? If so then they also need an ALBUMARTISTS (note the s) tag to help identify the separate artists to match thre mbids.

Did you have any nfo files? You said you deleted them, but what was there to delete? I am thinking that the thumbnail may have been fetched, and although the NFO is gone we are left with the after effects.

Failing that can you put your MyMusicXX.db somewhere such as dropbox so that I can have a look at it.

Otherwise you could just manually set the artist image for the ones that have John Cale.
Please excuse me butting into the thread !!

@Dave, LibreElec and OpenElec are both stripped back Linux OS's and are pretty similar underneath so if you were to test on LE the results would likely match for OE as well. Also, OP has a shared MySQL DB so would have to export that to something really to share it with you. CSV might be a good option ?

Might be useful to know the sharing protocol in use (SMB, NFS etc etc) and whether the share is mounted on the Pi and accessed that way, or directly over the network using Kodi's networking protocols.

@asiaminor - that file you deleted was in Kodi's thumbnail cache. As Dave has said, Kodi must have originally linked to a URL for it to download and cache the image. You may have noticed that the other thread that Dave linked to earlier was mine, so I understand just how annoying this can be. It took me quite a while to figure out what was happening and where Kodi was actually pulling its info from but I would probably have given up if it hadn't been for Dave's help Nod

I'm confident that between you, you will figure it out.
Learning Linux the hard way !!
Butt in any time Smile

I missed the MySQL, so yes @asiaminor export to CSV (if you don't know how perhaps black_eagle will advise).

I will never forget the Adam Ant experience, somehow John Cale is less stressful.
(2016-11-20, 13:20)black_eagle Wrote: @asiaminor - that file you deleted was in Kodi's thumbnail cache. As Dave has said, Kodi must have originally linked to a URL for it to download and cache the image. You may have noticed that the other thread that Dave linked to earlier was mine, so I understand just how annoying this can be. It took me quite a while to figure out what was happening and where Kodi was actually pulling its info from but I would probably have given up if it hadn't been for Dave's help Nod

I'm confident that between you, you will figure it out.

Thank you all.

Well, actually I am not confident Smile But I will do as much as I can.

Actually I don't know how to export csv file. When I googled the subject. I found to dump it sql and after that tehre ara websites converting sql to csv. Ok I said, I can do it Smile But When I opened MySQL Work Bench to export database I met with mysqldump version mismatch. I could not understand it because every night a dos window is openning auytomatically and checking the updates. Anyway it was saying your server was 5.7.10 but your mysqldump.exe is 5.7.9. I checked updates by MySQL installer, but it says there is no update :S But it also says if you are sure that there should be update click catalog button :S I said ok and clickecd Catalog button. Then it says there is an optional update. I said Ok caught the fish. After whole upgrade, I try to export sql again but this time it says your server is 5.7.16 and your mysqldump.exe is 5.7.12 :S

:S and Big Grin
Sorry for that experience with MySQL, one reason why I didn't even try to instruct. Confused

Just love the phrase "caught the fish", made me smile. A better translation would be "took the bait", but we got your meaning.

I hate to say it but a SQL dump would have been OK, I have MySQL this end and could reconstruct from that.

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