Solved Issue - Unable to add radio station

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nemke Offline
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Music  Unable to add radio station
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I am trying to add a radio station (.pls file) as a Music file but Kodi doesn't see it.

I have verified that the file is there in the Downloads folder on the pi and I also modified the permissions to rwx all the way just to be on the safe side.

I am trying to do this by going to Music > Files > Add Music and browsing to the folder in question. The .pls file doesn't show up.

Anyone know how to add a pls file? I have also tried the .strm method but Kodi doesn't see the strm file either. I am using Kodi 15.2 on rpi 3.

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Olami Offline
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Am having the same/related issues like this, please anybody to help.... I really love Kodi and its function
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DaveBlake Offline
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Radio facility is via and addon, so moving this to that forum
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black_eagle Offline
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@DaveBlake - Actually, as long as the URL in the pls/m3u file is correct, Kodi should be able to open it and play it without needing any add-ons.

@nemke - Although it is possible to add a custom .strm file to the video library (complete with artwork etc if you use a local .nfo file) because of the way the music library is built from the embedded tags, I don't believe the same thing is possible for music.

However, what you can do is add the .strm/m3u/pls file as a favourite and open it directly from there. You can add several radio stations this way and if you use a skin that supports customisation then you can create a home menu entry such as 'Online Radio' and add all the favourites to it. This method also allows for icons for individual stations and is the method I personally use.

Learning Linux the hard way !!
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TomFreeloader Offline
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@black_eagle Thank You. I guess I am getting old and out of the loop a little bit. But I just ran into this same prob with a .pls radio station file. In my case it was http://url/;stream.mp3. All I had to do was rename MyPlaylist.pls to MyPlaylist.strm and it plays through the file manager when I switch to media mode. Same with favorites.
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nemke Offline
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Thank you for the reply. I will give this a try on the rpi and report back.
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