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[RELEASE] Empty - a very basic XBMC skin for beginners to start learn skinning from
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Against my better judgment I'm posting this for people that may find it useful.

"Empty" is a extremely basic XBMC skin template with very few additions or includes.

Hopefully if you developing a skin or are trying to learn then you will find this useful.
I plan an update someday but am tied up with other projects at the moment.

Latest version of this "Empty" skin is in the XBMC Skinning Project's SVN.

You need to have an SVN client to download it as 'code':
svn co [url][/url] xboxmediacenter
Try the TortoiseSVN client:

If you do not know what an SVN is then read this:

For more information on skinning XBMC see:

PS! I don't care if you hate this skin so don't bother complaining Wink
very very basic, but the list view has about 40 icons which is pretty class!!!
picture please..always show pictures:/
There isn't anything to show.
It's white lettering on black background Smile
Very helpful, indeed. Thanks a lot!
this is great, thanks guys Smile
Will there be a build.bat included?
UND3R ACHI3V3R Wrote:Will there be a build.bat included?

Have you found one yet?
Bringing this up from the dead Smile

Great idea and it will help new skinners getting stuff faster. The first skin i created was based on PMIII 3 years ago, back then it was pretty basic.

but now there is no skins that can be considered basic anymore Wink

If i get the time i gonna try and update this skin so that its still completely
basic but is integrated so that it has all the "best prectice" code and all the new skinning engine stuff in it.

Btw if anyone else feels like supporting this great initiativ please do so !
It would be great if you added the grid because the links are now dead -
This is a great thread you guys. This is very much helpful.

I am new to this site so I am exploring it. Big Grin
I have been trying to get this "basic" skin so I can begin teaching myself how to skin XBMC for my liking (and yes I will share) but I can not seem to get it to download. Can someone post this or PM me and I will provide an email address to send it to?

Thanks in advance!Cool
Thanks. Downloading now!

[RELEASE] Empty - a very basic XBMC skin for beginners to start learn skinning from3.673