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Kodi only shows Working when trying to view live TV

I've been using Mediaportal for many years bit need to find an alternative to its back end.

Kodi is running on Windows 10, 64 bit, couldnt find the version, but it is upto date and has all updates applied. Core i7, 32 GB ram.
I have disabled the firewall for this test as well.

I have installed DVBLink on the server, which uses a DD Cine S2 card with CI adapter.

I have the channel set up in DVBLink, from this card as the source and epg is updating.

When I clink on a channel in Kodi, from the Channel Guide which is fully populated, we see a Working on the lower right corner, then after about 10 seconds it disappears with no change.

If I monitor the server inside DVBLogic at the same time I see the stream get created and packets, with zero error or discontinuities, apparently being sent.

The Kodi debug log is at

Many thanks for any help
I think something is wrong while decrypting.

Check this thread here: and especially this reply:

Does it work when you use Windows Media Player or VLC?

Kodi only shows Working when trying to view live TV00