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VBox 50% OFF Black Friday sale
Just saw on the VBox facebook page that they are selling the new 4K TV Gateway at 50% off!
That's £69 or €83

If you get one, you can also win your money back on their facebook page

I bought a 2nd gen VBox almost a year ago for £145, so I think I'll upgrade to the new 4K now

facebook -
4K VBox page -
What's the difference to Sat-over-IP ? Just another proprietary solution ?
I think it's the opposite - as far as I understand VBox is based on market standards: UPnP, m3u, XML and XMLTV and allows you to use any app / device to connect,
So you don't need any proprietary or special apps, although they do have apps for Android, iOS, Win10, etc... with great UI, they also support Kodi, MythTV and other apps

For me this product is great I have multiple device - smart TVs, tablets, PCs, Minix U1 and soon Mi Box 3 (ordered it on 11.11 Smile ) which all connect to it, mostly running Kodi or VBox apps, (I use to work with VLC) but switch to Kodi once @negge developed the addon
Excellent units have 1 of the gen 3 units myself, I will buy another in the future as the developer has said that in a future firmware update you will have the ability to add another vbox as a secondary device to an existing Vbox to give 4 tuners.

would love that :-)

VBox 50% OFF Black Friday sale00